2,000 euro motorcycle vs 20,000 euro motorcycle, which is faster? It depends on the pilot!

We have always heard that the Indian is more important than the arrow. At least in motocross he may be partially right, but will it be so important that a professional rider can go faster with a 2,000 euro motorcycle, compared to an amateur rider with a 20,000 euro motorcycle?

That question has also been asked by the youtuber 999lacer and to try to solve it, he has pitted a 2009 four-stroke KTM SX250F with an approximate value of 2,000 euros against a 500 cc, two-stroke beast called YZilla YZ500 and which has a value of 20,000 euros. It must be said that the “YZilla” is a hybrid that was based on a new YZ250 whose displacement was modified to create the beast.

And now that we have presented the 2,000 euro bike and the 20,000 euro bike, it is time to present the riders. On the one hand, with the old KTM we have the former World Cup winner Ed Bradley. Professional driver at the time and now a colleague of the press who continues to keep up to date and who, in addition, is the owner of the circuit where this curious comparison is held.

In front of him is Sean Smith, a regular contributor to 999lacer and an amateur weekend driver with a more than acceptable level. He has in fact come to compete, already in adulthood. And although he has hands, he is far from the level that we can see in the world cup.

The cat and mouse game with a 2,000 euro motorcycle versus a 20,000 euro one

Sean starts out first with the Yzilla 500 and 15 seconds later Ed sets off. Three laps ahead to see if the time margin is enough or not. Two pilots squeezing their possibilities and skills to see which pairing is more effective.

Things are much more even than it might seem and, to Sean’s good level, we must add the beast of the YZilla YZ500, which behaves luxuriously. But little by little Ed closes the distance until he ends up catching up with him, overtaking him and starting to escape.

Despite the good work of Sean Smith, Ed Bradley and his 2,000 euro motorcycle end up showing that in motocross, unlike other disciplines, the rider can play a decisive role.

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