26″ front wheel and extreme customization. This is the BMW R 18 One Eight C by Paul Yaffe

Paul Yaffethe visionary of custom motorcycles, and BMW Motorrad, have just surpassed their own limits with the staging of their most recent collaboration. An epic customization of the BMW R 18 Transcontinental in the purest Bagger style.

In this project, the American tuner fuses the classic elegance of the hot rod with the distinctive essence of the factory bmw, thus creating a testament to his excellence as a designer. Without a doubt, a masterpiece.

But, first of all, who is the Mr. Yaffe? Since 1991 Paul He is a legend on the US scene. His reputation is not limited to being a builder or manufacturer, but he is truly a luxury tuner, or elite, as you prefer. His legacy began with the founding of the American Legend Motorcycle Company, which later evolved into Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation.

Throughout his career, he has been awarded three awards «Most beautiful motorcycle in the world» at the Oakland Roadster Show. Twice “Builder of the year» and three prizes «Trendsetter of the year» awarded by the magazine Easyriders. Additionally, in 2015, he was inducted into the Sturgis Hall of Fame.

His creations have been featured in more than 300 magazine articles around the world and have appeared on television shows such as the Discovery Channel and the History Channel. As you can see, he is a true God of the scene.

BMW R 18 One Eight C by Paul Yaffe

Now, as we are telling you, bmw and Paul Yaffe dazzle us with their latest creation, a masterful customization of the BMW R 18 Transcontinental. By the way, this machine has made its official debut at the MBE Show in Verona, one of the most important events in the world of motorcycle customization.

As a curiosity, before embarking on this project, Paul took the time to familiarize himself with the BMW R18 Transcontinentaltraveling 3,800 miles (more than 6,115 km) across the United States and adding another 2,600 miles (4,185 km) to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

When the customization process began, Paul had a clear vision in mind: to create a bagger with a front wheel of dimensions never seen before. Paul strove to preserve as many original components as possible bmw, ensuring that its creation maintained the authenticity of the brand. But, at the same time, without looking anything like the pieces of its existing product line.

BMW R 18 One Eight C by Paul Yaffe

This is the BMW R 18 One Eight C by Paul Yaffe

To achieve this goal, he commissioned a 26 x 5.5″ front wheel carved from a solid block of aluminum and fitted with a hand-made 180mm wide front tire. The chassis had to be lengthened and tilted to accommodate the new front wheel.

Inspired by the iconic Mercury Lead Sled of the 50s, the team Paul created a steel front fender from scratch, and the original fairing from the R 18 It was divided into several pieces and redesigned to accommodate the mammoth front wheel. Additionally, a unique spoiler was developed at the bottom that strategically hides the radiator.

Paul strove to maintain the functionality of the side cases, retaining the original lids, latches and speakers. To achieve this, they designed a new set of lids that gave the bags a completely new stretched teardrop profile. The result is obvious: a perfect combination of engineering and aesthetics.

BMW R 18 One Eight C by Paul Yaffe

As construction progressed, Yaffe rearranged the original taillights of the R 18 and created a space in the rear fender for the license plate, following the classic Hot Rod style. The original side covers of the R 18 They were stretched to retain their original shape and cover more area, allowing a harmonious visual transition to the new side cases.

Paul YaffeAs it could not be otherwise, it prioritized two crucial components of the most extreme Custom world, that is, the air suspension and the side exhaust pipes.

For the air suspension, his team designed an air tank and distribution system, as well as a dedicated frame to house essential components under each side case. Including air storage tanks, a large air compressor and all controls, valves and solenoids necessary for effective operation.

BMW R 18 One Eight C by Paul Yaffe

As for the side exhaust outlets, they focused on preserving the spirit bmw that characterizes this model. The catalytic converters were removed, making way for a custom high-flow baffle system.

This innovation not only replaced the restrictive emissions system, but also maintained the back pressure essential for optimal performance. To further enhance the listening experience, a three-stage muffler system was introduced.

BMW R 18 One Eight C by Paul Yaffe

Regarding the aesthetic aspect, Paul Yaffe It was going for a classic Hot Rod feel without visual distractions, highlighting the motorcycle’s sleek new stance and profile. Simplicity and charm were the key words.

Each body cover was meticulously honed and polished to a glass-like finish. The result was a timeless, shiny black finish that highlighted the beauty of the bike. Paul commissioned his dedicated painter, Hector Martinezthe application of this impeccable gloss black paint.

To create a contrast, they opted for blood red details spread across the bike. Guys Upholstery took care of the seat and the dashboard console, while Hector used a color that matched the front calipers. The result is simply spectacular.

BMW R 18 One Eight C by Paul Yaffe

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