3 days to enjoy the motorcycle in this international event

Next April, between the 5th and 7th, the The Rebel Monkey Ridefirst event certified by Iron Butt Association and endorsed according to European regulations by IBA Benelux that will be celebrated in our country.

For those who don’t know it, Iron Butt Association (IBA) is an American association that since 1984 It tries to encourage motorcycling and long-distance travel. Currently, 84,000 motorcyclists are part of this association.

The only way to join is to have completed one of the various routes that IBA certifies; among which is the SaddleSore 1000 (1,000 miles / 1,600 kilometers in less than 24 hours) and the Bun Burner 1500 (1,500 miles / 2,414 kilometers in less than 36 hours).

The Rebel Monkey Ride 2024

After organizing the first one in Spain, Julio Álamo returns in 2024 with this The Rebel Monkey Ride, a new endurance and planning event, of a non-competitive nature, with which it aims to exceed the number of participants achieved in 2022.

At that time, it had the participation of 71 motorcyclists from 6 countries both Europeans and Americans. At this time the presence of riders from Spain, Mexico, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Ireland and a large group from Germany.

The challenge set by the participants of The Rebel Monkey Ride is to travel the distance of 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) in a maximum period of 24 hoursfollowing any of the suggested routes, and completing a series of checkpoints mandatory.

All routes run on paved roads (there are no off-road sections) and will combine both highways and secondary roads, with the aim of alternating periods where more intense driving is necessary, with others in which driving on a highway allows the rider to a slightly more relaxed motorcycle ride.

The different layout options They will be communicated 5 days before departureso that, once the participant has chosen one, they can plan what their refueling strategy will be (depending on the autonomy of their motorcycle), breaks and even provisioning.

The Rebel Monkey Ride 3 days to enjoy the motorcycle in this international event

The American origin of IBA can associate this type of challenges with custom motorcycles, on the contrary, in the tests organized by the Iron Butt Association franchises in Europe (IBA Benelux and IBA UK), there is usually a greater presence of maxi-trail motorcycles .

This does not indicate that, since it is a challenge of regularity and endurance, any motorcycle can be suitable to face it. To give an example, in the 2022 test, among the 71 participating motorcycles, there were motorcycles from the Triumph brands, BMW, Harley-Davidson,Honda, Suzuki, KTM,Yamaha, Moto Guzzi or Benelli; and cylinder capacities from 500 cc to 1290 cc.

With the aim of promoting respect for traffic rules, in The Rebel Monkey Ride Each motorcycle will have a beacon device that, on the one hand, will allow the staff as well as the family and friends of each rider to follow the route of each participant.

The Rebel Monkey Ride 3 days to enjoy the motorcycle in this international event

In addition, it will allow you to verify the completion of the chosen route, compliance with the regulations regarding maximum speed allowed, and finally, record the route taken in order to obtain certification from IBA Benelux.

Television coverage of The Rebel Monkey Ride 2024

This endurance event endorsed and certified by IBA Benelux has the sponsorship of Triumph Spain, MotoADV Televisión, Atlantis Moto, Irons Cafe Racer and ToroEnMoto. MotoADV Television is the first thematic TV channel dedicated entirely to the world of adventure on two wheels.

This will be recording the entire event to later be broadcast on Orange TV (within the basic package), as well as on several local digital platforms, especially in the East and South of Spain. For more information and registration you can visit the official website of the event.

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