30 years evolving the naked category

The last 30 years of the model KTM Duke, in any of its variants, can be summarized in one word: Evolution. From its beginnings in 1994 to its current status, the KTM Duke concept has stood the test of time.

In 1994, KTM burst onto the road scene with the first motorcycle to carry the Duke brand name. It had a 609 cc single-cylinder engine, with ergonomics and style somewhere between a Supermoto and a Street Fighter.

At the time, the KTM Duke 1994 was a radical break with traditional motorcycle designs. With a visible trellis chassis, a minimalist body and a single-cylinder engine, it was a singularity on the market.

The KTM Duke and its entry into the new millennium

In 1999, after the model was well received, the brand introduced a version KTM Duke II more powerful, with a sharper style that replaced the rounded contours of the body of its predecessor. Unknowingly, this would mark the launch of the Naked segment within the KTM street motorcycle range, with the incorporation of new versions.

In 2005, the Super Dukeequipped with a motor 990cc LC8 V-Twin. The KTM 990 Super Duke It was the starting point for the Super Duke R variant to later burst onto the market in 2008.

That same year the KTM 690 Duke, equipped with a single-cylinder engine, with low exhaust and an aggressive riding position with the elbows out. This would later become the model for what we call the Duke character.

KTM Duke: 30 years evolving the naked category

2011 saw the rise of models KTM Duke of smaller displacement, with the entry into the market of the 125 Duke becoming the ideal launching platform for future Duke pilots and also for future medium-displacement versions.

For 2012, KTM would introduce the variant KTM 200 Duke, and in 2013 the well-known KTM 390 Duke would arrive. A year later KTM surprised everyone and everyone with “The Beast” – the KTM 1290 Super Duke R. With a 1301 cc V-twin engine, it became de facto the brand’s model equipped with the most powerful LC8 engine.

Later, in 2016, it would be the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT, more focused on travel, which would burst into the range KTM Duke. Already in 2017 “The Beast” It received its first facelift incorporating power, suspension and styling updates. However, its new electronic package took center stage, with more refined rider aids and a new Track Mode that set the tone.

KTM Duke: 30 years evolving the naked category

In 2018 there was a new turning point in the evolution of the KTM Dukewhen the brand presented the KTM 790 Duke, nicknamed “The Scalpel”. It ushered in a new era of performance and style for the Duke concept, with a powerful parallel twin engine, cutting-edge electronics and a bold design.

Now, 30 years later, three special anniversary edition models are entering the fray: KTM 390 Duke, 990 Duke and 1390 Super Duke R and its teammate, the KTM 1390 Super Duke R EVO. To celebrate this milestone, all three models have the 30 years Duke liveryinspired by the models that preceded them.

KTM will officially kick off its campaign “30 Years Of Duke” at the international presentation in Almería. It will be the first time in KTM’s history that three new models are launched at the same time, featuring the three winners of the Duke competition.

KTM Duke: 30 years evolving the naked category

Together with the KTM ambassador, Rok Bagarosand the king of KTM, Jeremy McWilliamsto demonstrate what the new Duke models are capable of, journalists will have two days to familiarize themselves with the brand’s new frames.

On the first day, the media will travel 115 km along the best roads and twisty ports of the Spanish coast on the handlebars of the KTM 390 Duke, in addition to testing themselves and each other in a gymkhana-type test.

On day two, the group will test the KTM 990 Duke on a road ride led by KTM members, while the other half will stay on the circuit with Jeremy McWilliams to test the KTM 1390 Super Duke R and KTM 1390 Super Duke R EVO.

KTM Duke: 30 years evolving the naked category

There will also be three KTM 1390 Super Duke R specially equipped with KTM PowerParts, WP PRO Components suspension and slick tires. As a culmination of this launch, both the press and the winners of the Duke competition will enjoy a closing party, with dinner in the pits and surrounded by the range KTM Duke.

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