330 HP and 5,000 Nm of torque in the eDrive engine that only weighs 75 kg

The Canadian company Magna Inc. has just unveiled its technology eDrive within the framework of CES 2024. We are talking about a compact electric motor that not only impresses in terms of performance. It also does so because of the compactness of its shapes and its final weight content.

Magna is one of the largest suppliers within the automotive sector. Within the role that this business emporium plays is, of course, that of innovating new products with which to surprise the motor industry, in the different areas in which it currently operates.

Magna eDrive electric motor in detail

One of them is the electrical segment and Magna enters through the front door with the solution 800V eDrive next generation that sets new standards in terms of efficiency, power-weight ratio and torque output.

He eDrive Magna incorporates several advanced technologies, resulting in significant reductions in weight and size, improved performance, expanded driving range and sustainability.

Magna presents eDrive technology, which includes an 800-volt electric motor and just 75 kilograms of weight

Its compact design and barely 75 kg final weight They allow better integration of this electric motor in the space allocated in each vehicle for its subsequent installation. The system also achieves up to 93% real-world driving efficiency.

But if this electric motor stands out in something, it is in the power and torque figures declared by the brand, encrypted in 250 kW and 5,000 Nm respectively. Diba Ilunga, President of Magna Powertrain comments: “We are steadfast in our commitment to creating exceptional driving experiences while supporting a sustainable future.”

Magna presents eDrive technology, which includes an 800-volt electric motor and just 75 kilograms of weight

And continues: “Our next-generation eDrive is a true embodiment of this commitment, displaying unparalleled sustainability in both our product design and its production methodology, managing to reduce CO₂ emissions during production by approximately 20% compared to “Previous generation eDrives.”

For now, Magna is trying to implement this type of technology in the automotive sector, although it is very likely that we will be able to enjoy adapted versions of the eDrive in different models of plug-in motorcycles.

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