A model for each user and need

GIVI, the Italian brand specialized in accessories for motorcycles and motorcyclists, improves the experience of traveling on two wheels with its range of GIVI tank bags. The best of Italian design, applied to different styles, seeking to meet the needs of each type of user. So we have bags for daily use, but also for long journeys.

With more than 45 years of history, GIVI has managed to create a wide range of products that adapt to the demands and character of each motorcyclist. This time it is its extensive range of GIVI tank bags with options for all types of tastes and frames.

GIVI tank bag range in detail


For those who enjoy off-road routesGIVI offers the tank bag XL06 Tanlockwith a extendable capacity from 15 to 20 liters. It is made of 1200D polyester and heavy-duty materials and features a magnetic map holder and internal and external pockets for efficient organization.

To which is added its Tanlock system that guarantees a quick, firm and functional fixation with a single click and that does not compromise driving. It is available for an initial price starting from 251 euros.

GIVI tank bags: One for every user and need


If long road trips are your thing, within the range of GIVI tank bags we have the model EA130B. With a extendable capacity from 20 to 26 liters, this magnetic bag adheres securely to the motorcycle tank. It is equipped with different pockets and fastening straps, and is also made of reflective material.

It also includes a water-resistant cover and internal reinforcement that ensure the protection of the luggage and the durability of the bag itself over the miles. It can be purchased for a final price of 116.50 euros.

GIVI tank bags: One for every user and need


For those who bet on sports and naked motorcycles the GIVI range of tank bags offers us the tank bag ST612B Tanlockwith a 15 liter capacity. Its thermoformed design ensures its resistance and durability.

Added to this is that it comes equipped with a transparent panel for mobile devices and reflective details for greater visibility. A perfect combination of style and functionality in every curve. It can be purchased through the brand’s distributors for 161.50 euros.

GIVI tank bags: One for every user and need


GIVI does not forget the owners of the classic and custom motorcycles. For this reason, it has created the deposit exchange CRM108 Tanlock. With a vintage design and a 8 liter capacitythis bag fits café racer motorcycles perfectly.

Presents a retro look but without giving up quality or comfort, since its materials are highly resistant and its side pockets make it the ideal choice for those looking to combine style and practicality. Its price is 111 euros.

GIVI tank bags: One for every user and need

More information and details about any of the models that make up the range of GIVI tank bags on its official website or at one of the authorized distributors with which the brand works in our country.

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