A muddy monkey can be funny. A Honda Monkey doing offroad is, to say the least, amazing

Well yes, we all know that Honda Monkey It is a motorcycle that made history, there is no doubt about that, but until now its true offroad potential had not been understood. But that just ended. A content creator has put his Monkey 125 through the countryside and, the truth is, the small Sling It came out safely and without too many scratches. Maybe some scratches, but minor.

From now on, when we consider the off-road option, our minds will inevitably turn to the small Honda Monkey. And if not, you can take a look at the video below. In fact, it will make you smile more than one.

This small audiovisual production shows why the Monkey as the “champion” among the 125 cc Enduro bikes. Now joking aside, if you’re going to mess with a Monkey in the field, at least put on gloves. Not like our protagonist. That, at least.

The little Honda Monkey can do it all

Exploring this extreme off-road potential of the Monkey It is attributed to the YouTuber Boonieswho submitted to his Sling to the most challenging tests that crossed her mind, facing various off-road obstacles. These included two steep ramps and, to top it all off, rock-strewn sections of a river bed. Yes, you read it right.

When you view the Honda Monkey In your mind, with its limited-travel suspension, 12” wheels, and modest 125cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine, you could certainly underestimate its off-road capability. Why not anymore?

Honestly, after watching this video, we wonder if HRC You should consider adjusting your rally raid program. Taking into account that the last Dakar took him in a Sling for North America, Ricky Brabecmaybe the Monkey be the definitive future bet of the golden wing brand for this type of competitions. And, perhaps, once again, it is even more suitable and effective than the Honda CRF450 Rally.

Now, now. No kidding. Or not? It is an idea that deserves to be evaluated with “seriousness”, although not without some humor. But seriously, who could deny that a Honda Monkey with last name HRC would it be awesome?

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