Aid for electric cars: MOVES III 2024 Plan

With the extension until July 31, 2024 of the MOVES III, buying an electric vehicle that is enrolled in the aid is more feasible. This aid that was extended on November 14 will be the same as the one we had in 2023, which closed the year with an available amount of 290 million euros in aid to carelectric.

Despite this remainder, the distribution and awarding of the funds corresponds to the government of each autonomous community and only the Community of Madrid and the Valencian Community have awarded all of their aid, setting up waiting lists for new concessions where appropriate.

Let’s review how the panorama of the help to electric vehicle in this extension of the MOVES III term.

A review of MOVES III

The MOVES III Plan, approved by Royal Decree 266/2021, has been designed to encourage electric mobility in Spain. With an initial budget of 400 million euros, later expanded to 1.2 billionthe plan focused on the acquisition of plug-in and fuel cell electric vehicles, as well as the implementation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The MOVES III Plan aid is aimed at various recipients, including individuals, self-employed workers, companies, communities of owners and administrations. Vehicles eligible for purchase include passenger cars (category M1), vans (category N1), electric motorcycles (categories L3e, L4e, L5e), and electric quadricycles (categories L6e, L7e). There are specific requirements for the age of demonstration vehicles and limitations on certain types of vehicles, such as coaches and buses.

Amount of aid

Aid for the purchase of vehicles varies depending on the type and recipient. For individuals, self-employed workers or administrations, they can reach up to €7,000 (€9,000 with scrap) for commercial and up to €4,500 (€7,000 with scrapping) for passenger cars.

Additional increases are applied in cases such as purchases by people with reduced mobility, residents of small municipalities, self-employed professionals dedicated to taxis, and others. In parallel, manufacturers or points of sale are required to provide an additional discount on the sales invoice.

Charging infrastructures are also subject to subsidy: for self-employed workers, individuals, communities of owners and administrations without economic activity, support can reach up to 70% of eligible costincreasing to 80% in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants.

For companies and public entities with economic activity, the subsidy is 35% (45% for medium-sized companies, 55% for small companies) if the infrastructure is publicly accessible and has a power equal to or greater than 50 kW, with an additional 5% in small municipalities. If the infrastructure is publicly accessible but with less than 50 kW, the subsidy is 30% (40% in small municipalities).

How to apply for MOVES III

Applying for MOVES III Plan aid involves following a specific process. For the vehicles, it is necessary to consult the IDAE Vehicle Base to verify eligibility, while the complete documentation must be submitted to the corresponding regional body. Regarding the installation of charging infrastructure, applicants must meet the established requirements and present the required documentation. It is also advisable to check the compatibility of local subsidies with state subsidies before submitting applications.

This second line of subsidies is sold out in Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Cantabria, Castilla y León, Madrid, Murcia, Navarra and the Basque Country. As for the requirements As we mentioned above, the IDAE has prepared a specific site with information of interest for each of the Autonomous Communities that we recommend you visit.

On this website you can find detailed information about the process and requirements relevant to your area, from budgets, to official bulletins, to their own websites to request them.

Finally, we highlight that the applications for the MOVES III Plan They will remain open until July 31, 2024 or until the available budgets are exhausted, according to the last extension.

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