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Have you thought about getting your driving license? Do you have to renew it? Surely then it sounds familiar to you? psycho-technical test, either because they have told you about it on the eve of making yours, or because you already have to repeat it by regulations; Remember that you have to do it every 10 years once you received your license. Regardless of what your case is, you have nothing to worry about, here we will give a brief reminder of the tests that are done, the price they ask for in the centers, the documentation you need and the best way to do it in general.

As such, the psychotechnical test consists of a psychomotor activity approved by the Ministry of Health in compliance with global standards. This measures whether drivers are competent enough to use their physical and psychological capabilities. This test is sent to a doctor specialized in psychiatry, who approves the results. Finally, we get a confirmation along with the psychotechnical certificate that confirms that there is no problem with the driver’s body and its psychological aspects.

Tests in a psychotechnical test

Psychotechnical tests aim to verify that a person combines the physical and mental conditions necessary to drive a motor vehicle. Now, technology advances quickly, and it is possible that the exercises are different from those we already knew, or those we had been told about if it is our first time. But what does not change are the purposes: there are tests of visual, auditory and coordination skills. The most normal thing is to overcome them without any problem.

  • Questions about your health: It is the first thing that is usually done when entering. They are just some simple questions about your physical and mental health. Broadly speaking, they consist of whether you have or have had any illness, whether you consume alcohol, smoke, or whether you have family problems. They may also ask you about your profession and some things about your daily routine.
  • Coordination and movement test: To see how your psychomotor system is doing, a series of tests are done. One of them (and the best known) is to try to direct a small ball on a monitor through some corridors with both hands, preventing it from coming out. In another you go in a straight line and you press a button when you think you are reaching the beginning of the line. Don’t be discouraged if at some point you exit and a beep sounds or that you made a mistake, it’s normal.
  • Ophthalmological and hearing tests: After the personal questions and psychomotor tests, you will have to take a vision test that consists of saying the letters you see at a distance set by the doctor, first with one eye covered and then with the other. If you suffer from any type of vision problem and have ever gone to the optician to graduate, it will be a test that will be more than familiar to you. There is also a test with headphones in a soundproof chamber so that the person presses a button when they hear a sound in either room.

Price of the psychotechnical test

In case it is a renewal, we can advise you that, first of all, look at the type of insurance you have contracted, since some take care of the expenses incurred by this medical examination. If what you have to do is scratch your pocket, the Traffic rates are established throughout the national territory, but the administrative procedures of each center approved by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) They can vary from 30 to 80 eurosso the fork is very variable.

What would we recommend? Compare between different authorized centers and choose the one with the best price. Is there really a difference between one site and another when it comes to testing? Not really, since they are exactly the same wherever you go. But there is something you can do yourself if you want to save a few euros… at the cost of investing a little more time, of course, and that is to do only the exams and take them sealed to traffic directly. You will be the one to assess to what extent it may be worth it.

On the other hand, if you are signed up for a driving school, it is likely that it has some type of collaboration agreement with one of these recognition centers and, therefore, will give you a better price to take the psychotechnical test. And although it has no longer been necessary to go to a Traffic Headquarters for some years, the public bodies of the DGT continue to offer this type of service. Also don’t forget that it is essential have a valid driving license in case of an accident and if you need to contact the car insurance.

Many will wonder why the psychotechnician is not free, given that it is something that must be done. In this sense, it must be kept in mind that the medical centers in charge of carrying out this type of tests, even if they are authorized by the DGT, they are private. This means that the person who performs the different tests, as well as the material necessary to execute them, are paid for in some way, right? By the clients, in this case. In addition, these centers are also responsible for processing the renewal of the driving license and taking the photo.

On the other hand, it is necessary to clarify that the approximate price of the psychotechnician that we have provided at the beginning of this point refers to the common price for traveling in a passenger vehicle. This is something to keep in mind because there are differences depending on the type of card whichever it is. The fee is not the same to renew an A permit, a B permit or a BTP permit. The explanation is that, to move a car, a truck or a bus, the same capacities are not necessary. It is for this reason that the tests that must be overcome are different.

Documentation for the psychotechnical test

You just read that there is no need to go to your Provincial Traffic Headquarters nearest to take the psychotechnical test. And it is completely true, but you will not get rid of having to go to present certain documentation, depending on your case. If you are signed up for a driving school, don’t worry, because they will be in charge of presenting the relevant documentation to the headquarters to start the procedure. If you do it on your own, take notes.

To get started, you will need the ID or the NIE, as well as a color photograph with a plain background (32 x 26 mm). You will also require the application form for aptitude tests from the DGT, which can be requested at the same center and a written statement establishing that there is no type of restriction, of a judicial nature, for the driving of vehicles. motor, in addition to a declaration of not being the holder of another valid or restricted driving license in another country of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), of the same class.

When to take a psychotechnical test

In short, when you are already signed up for a driving school. To take the theoretical and practical exams you need prior preparation, while for the psychotechnical you do not need any learning period. If everything goes well, you will have a favorable result in the theoretical exam first, then in the psychotechnical exam and, finally, in the practical one. This is how you will end up getting your driving license. In case you just want to renew it, be calm and you’ll see how it works out on its own.

The validity of type B permits is established in 10 years until you turn 65. From that moment on, the renewal must be done every five years. Although you usually wait for the card to expire to make an appointment at a recognition center, the truth is that you can take the psychotechnical exam and manage its extension up to three months before the date on which it expires. Once the license has expired, you are not authorized to drive, which is considered a serious infraction that carries a penalty. fine of 200 euros.

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