Although it successfully manufactures cars and motorcycles, this brand has decided to move into electric micromobility

bmw has surprised everyone and everyone with some patent reports, which we have just learned about, about its future electric scooter. As a distinctive feature, it is ultra-foldable and compact.

Small electric scooters and kick scooters are experiencing a surge in popularity in Europe thanks to their comfort and practicality. This is a fact. In the past, we have seen other automakers venture into the world of light electric micromobility.

For example, in 2022, Bugatti surprised by presenting its exclusive sports electric scooter, inspired by the Chiron. The following year, in 2023, McLaren announced his Lavoieanother electric scooter to cut the hiccups.

Now, on this occasion, it seems that another giant in the automotive and motorcycle sector is considering making its grand entrance into the world of electric scooters. Yeah, bmwwhich already has several electric bicycles and electric scooters, such as the CE-04has recently filed a patent for a new folding electric scooter.

This vehicle is quite similar to the electric scooters that we have seen circulating on European roads for a long time. At the moment, the scooter does not have a specific name and is registered simply as “Small size electric vehicle«, according to the patent.

BMW electric scooter

This is the BMW electric scooter

The BMW description is: «Small electric vehicle, in particular an electric scooter, having a rear wheel, a frame, a support with a footboard and a mechanism for folding the wheels«. In short, it is a folding electric scooter designed to be easily integrated into the public transportation system. The most interesting thing is its rear wheel folding mechanism, which allows the scooter to be even more compact than other models on the market. Like other electric scooters, the BMW one also has a folding handlebar.

The rear wheel folding mechanism is particularly intriguing, as it does not fold the wheel onto the footpeg, but rather features a slot where the rear wheel sits. BMW says like this: «The wheel folding mechanism has a first joint with a first pivot axis. The vehicle can be adjusted from an unfolded position to a folded position using this joint. The front support section is connected to the rear support section by this first joint. In the deployed position, the rear wheel is located in an external position, outside the reception area, while, in the folded position, the rear wheel is located in an internal position, at least partially within the reception area.«.


Regarding performance, bmw mentions that it is equipped with an electric motor in the front wheel, with a power that does not exceed 500 w, or «no more than 1,400 w if at least 60% of the power is used for self-balancing«. The question of whether this scooter in development will be self-balancing or not is a matter of debate. The patent does not provide clear details on this.

A release date for this new electric scooter has not yet been announced. bmw. This vehicle is likely to be marketed in the old continent, where electric scooters and bicycles are quickly becoming a fundamental part of the urban transportation system. Be careful, for example, in large cities like Madrid, they are prohibited on public transport such as the Metro, so we recommend that you inform yourself first.

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