Are you ready for the time change?

We have already seen that there are studies that show that the time change can affect, and in a serious and important way, our driving safety. That is why all precautions are few to avoid scares and disappointments, since it is not only a question of how it affects ourselves but also the rest of the users. So defensive driving has to be more efficient than ever.

That said, there are several points that we personally have to weigh with the time change. Small nuances that will make our lives more comfortable and driving safer. It’s not about leaving the motorcycle in the garage waiting for spring, it’s about continuing to enjoy it but be prepared.

How to avoid setbacks with time change

Helmet screen

The first thing we need on the bike is to be able to see and anticipate what is happening, and that is achieved with the best possible field of vision. That is why we must keep in mind that it will get dark earlier and it will also take longer and longer to dawn. That is why we have to see what time we are going to move, and thus decide if we opt for a dark or light screen. In these cases, helmets with retractable visors or those that allow us to wear glasses are a great choice.

Be careful with the temperature

Even if your trips are at the same time as always, you are actually going to do it an hour later. Since at 3 it will be 2 o’clock, when you return home (for example) at 5:00 p.m. you will be doing so in the period that would have previously been 6:00 p.m. and that may cause you to find yourself with a lower temperature than usual.

In favor you have that in the mornings the sun, if it has risen, will warm you a little more and against that if you go out still at night and although it sounds like poetry: the night is colder, just before the sun rises.

Check the lights

Having the lights in working order is required by law, but also for your own safety it is something you should do. Now that you are going to drive at night, you are going to have less visibility and you are going to be less visible, having the lights well regulated, ensuring that none are out, that the brake and turn signal lights work correctly… Your safety comes down to it.

make yourself visible

To finish off these tips, we once again remember the lack of visibility due not only to the time change, but also to autumn and winter. That is why more than ever we must seek to be visible and opt whenever possible for equipment in bright colors and, also, with reflective areas so that, in addition to the motorcycle itself, we ourselves are visible.

You not only have to see, you have to be seen

And now that you are ready, remember that the time change is going to give you an extra hour to enjoy the bike this weekend, so take advantage!

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