Bimota SB8K Santamonica 2006 N° 08/50

The history of Bimota has always been marked by epic and if you don’t believe it, we recommend that you read the special we made about the transalpine brand. As is obvious, the development of exotic SB8K Santamonica It was not going to be less and unfortunately for the model, when it was finally launched on the market, it had become obsolete in some aspects compared to the competition.

To put into perspective the SB8K Santamonica We would have to go back in time to the year 2000, when Bimota, in the midst of developing this SB8K, declared bankruptcy.

That season the recently deceased Anthony Gobert, nicknamed “The Go Show”managed to achieve victory with a Bimota SB8R at Phillip Island, competing in the WSBK.

That motorcycle was the prelude to what should have been a few months later the new SB8K, although that moment had to be delayed until 2005, at which time the brand, after its economic downturn, recovered the project and could finally launch it on the market. this SB8K Santamonica. In essence, an improved SB8R, although somewhat obsolete compared to the rivals of the moment.

Bimota SB8K Santamonica in detail

The legendary propeller V-Twin from Suzuki, mounted on the TL1000R of the time, it was retouched in some aspects to improve the final performance figures. A new system of Webber Marelli injection with 55 mm throttle bodies, instead of the original 52 mm, was the biggest novelty in this section.

A larger airbox, a new exhaust system and calibration of the control unit with a specific mapping were also integrated. As a result we obtained a final power of almost 143 hp at 9,750 rpm and 105 Nm of torque at 1,000 revolutions below the maximum rotation speed. The maximum declared speed was 269 ​​km/h.

Undoubtedly and as a good quality Italian woman, the SB8K Santamonica It stood out both for its cycle part and for its equipment and finishes, where the carbon fiber and CNC components shone with their own light wherever we looked. In the words of Brian Catterson, renowned motoring journalist and editor-in-chief of Motorcyclist:

Dream motorcycles for sale: Bimota SB8K Santamonica 2006 N° 08/50

“What I would have written back in 2000, if there had been a period, was that the SB8K was the best twin-cylinder sportbike I had ever ridden; more than a match for the reigning Ducati 996 and much better than the rotary-damped Suzuki TL1000R from which its engine is derived.”

And continues: “It kept the SB8R chassis with twin aluminum spars and carbon fiber rocker plates, but ditched the 1980s intake pipes in favor of a proper Ram Air system. The SB8K Santamonica 2006, with its 43mm Ohlins fork and radially mounted Brembo brakes, is even better!”

This is one of the sports shoes most longed for by any self-respecting Bimota lover. However, its production was really scarce, with barely 100 units built between editions. SB8K Santamonica and SB8K Gobert. Now we can get one of the first, which is also in NOS (New Old Stock) condition, that is, with zero kilometers, “new in package”.

As we have learned, thanks to the colleagues at Bike Urious, this copy belonged to the private collection of MotoPoint, importer of the brand at the time, and is currently located in Englewood, Colorado. According to the sales announcement, we would be looking at unit number 8 of the 50 manufactured, although other sources refer to the fact that up to 75 copies of this version were sold.

Dream motorcycles for sale: Bimota SB8K Santamonica 2006 N° 08/50

In any case, the bike looks spectacular, even though the photographs they published in the sales advertisement are really bad. Furthermore, with this SB8K Santamonica An endless list of special CNC-made parts is offered, as well as a TL1000R engine with just 200 miles.

As explained in the advertisement itself: “I include a complete TL1000R engine with starter with only 200 original miles. Originally purchased to build a Bimota race spec engine, but never used it (sidetracked from other projects), age and health have me selling my collections and men’s toys.”

If you still have completely fallen in love with us, then we recommend that you do not click on the link in the sale announcement. With a price of $36,000, about 33,300 eurosit seems like a gift to us as the patio is, taking into account that it includes more than 25,000 dollars in spare parts.

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