Black boxes will be mandatory in all European cars from July

There has been talk for a long time about the arrival of black boxes to cars. A system similar to the one that airplanes have had for decades and whose objective is to record data that can be reviewed in the event of an accident to know what exactly happened. This security measure has already been implemented since 2022, although things are changing now. From July 2024 they will be mandatory in all European cars that are marketed as new.

We must make a note and that is that the majority of vehicles sold since July 2022 They already have them installed. The rule applied to those that had been approved as new from that date. Now all those sold are added to increase safety on our roads by one level thanks to the advantages provided by the system. Better known as Event Data Recorder (EDR) is a device that is capable of recording the five seconds before an accident and 0.3 seconds after the impact.

The recorded times are subject to change, previously they were contemplated up to 20 seconds before and 15 seconds after the accident. With that information you can obtain a lot of information about an accidentfrom the speed at which it occurred to other variables such as the deviation, whether there was braking, how the safety systems worked, etc… In short, this black box is the that will shed light on the incidents and will allow you to see who was to blame (if any) or why it happened.

The EDR will be mandatory in all passenger cars up to nine passengers (class M1), in addition to N1 commercial vehicles under 3,500 kg, that is, the majority of vehicles that populate our roads. There has been a lot of controversy over data protection, but there is enough security. At no time does it reveal the identity of the owner, nor the last numbers of the vehicle’s VIN. They also cannot be manipulated because it is a closed-loop system and the data is collected anonymously. In fact, only the competent authorities can access them.

Source: European Commission

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