Blind man recovers his lost motorcycle after 10 years and rides again

You have to travel more than 10 years in time for one of those peculiar stories to begin, in which one can first lose and then regain faith in human beings. And it reminds us that just as there are extraordinary people, there are people who don’t even deserve the air they breathe.

It was just then, 10 years ago, when the protagonist of this story brought to us by the friends of Visordown from the other side of the English Channel, Mark Lewis, lost his sight. At that time he had a special and beautiful Kawasaki Z 1000 J, a motorcycle that may sound familiar to many of you from the video game for the PS2 Tourist Trophy.

The fact is that at that time, good old Mark lent his motorcycle to a friend and… This guy never gave it back. But, fortunately, in addition to lowly and despicable beings, there are people who make this world a better place and it is at that point in the story when Nick Randall appears.

10 years later it’s time to enjoy it

Good old Nick started looking for the character and the motorcycle and although it took him a while, several years in fact, he managed to bring back the Z 1000 J. But, of course, there was a problem, and that was that the bike was not in the best possible state.

So he not only settled for locating it, but also brought it up to date by checking the engine, fixing aesthetic problems and, in short, putting a motorcycle that had been away from its owner for 10 years in running order.

Finally, some time later and thanks to several people involved, such as his Visordown teammates and his test bench, Mark was able to get back on his bike for a “last ride.” And it is surprising to see the ease with which Mark is able to do each and every one of the movements required by gear changes, acceleration…

And riding a motorcycle requires many senses, not just sight, and although Mark Lewis unfortunately lost it 10 years ago, the rest of his sensations remain intact.

Logically, it will not have been the same as enjoying his motorcycle at 100% of his abilities, but feeling the power, the noise, the vibrations again… that must have been tremendous for him.

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