BMW factory in Munich is transformed for electric futures

BMW is going with a bet in the form of millionaire investment to try to break the technological gap with Tesla in the production of its future Neue Klasse BMWs. This commitment to innovation requires the group to pay 650 million euros to convert the Munich plant into a production center for 100% electric vehicles starting in 2027.

Part of the investment will be used to build four buildings and the new vehicle assembly line. Likewise, the plant will have a new body shop for these new models whose concepts we recently saw.

Unlike other manufacturers that have presented their roadmaps and “deadline dates” to become 100% electric brands, BMW has not given deadlines at the moment what will be its objective despite the latest news from the European Union that will ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars in 2035.

What is clear is that BMW is aware of these deadlines and we could see proof of this a few months ago in the presentations of the new 5 Series, which maintains the gasoline and diesel engines but is firmly committed to electrification with its new BMW i5.

The following steps

After presenting (or if you read us from LATAM; “after”) the Vision Neue Klasse concept at the IAA mobility show in Munich and which served as a preview of the new models, BMW will begin by betting on a sedan similar in size to the 3 Series and for a mid-size SUV.

These new “Neue Klasse” electric BMWs They will begin production in 2025 at the Debrecen plant (Hungary), moving to Munich in 2026. This year they will share a production plant with combustion vehicles until 2027 when it becomes a 100% plant. At the same time, part of the BMW Neue Klasse will also be manufactured in the Shenyang plant in China (2026) and in the San Luís Potosí plant in Mexico (2027) to cover the demand from both markets.

To close the point, we remember the history of the plant, where BMW has manufactured part of its vehicles since 1922 and from which BMW vehicles of all types of engines are currently produced, with the BMW i4 being the electric flagship that comes out of this Munich factory. .

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