Canfranc, chosen as the venue for the 2024 MotoTurismo Awards

The 3rd edition of the MotoTurismo Awards, which will be held this year from June 13 to 16, will feature some new features that the organization has begun to reveal, including the place where they will take place: Canfranc.

The III MotoTurismo Awards They already have official headquarters for their celebration, Canfranc. The unique town in the Aragonese Pyrenees will be the epicenter of multiple motorcycle tourist activities in the region, providing a magnificent setting for the celebration of this unique event.

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The choice of Canfranc as host of the gala of the Mototourism Awards It is a consequence of the victory of the province of Huesca as best National Route in 2023 with your initiative «Huesca the Magic on the Road» of the TuHuesca promotion society (Tourism of the province of Huesca).

It has collaborated for 15 years on multiple motorcycle routes and activities that are held throughout the year in the province. The multidisciplinary jury with its vote in the 2023 edition awarded it the trophy, and this year it will host the III MotoTurismo 2024 gala.

The organizing committee, and the corresponding official institutions after evaluating the different locations within the province of Huesca that could host the event, estimated that it should be Canfranc, representing all the towns and regions of the province.

Canfranc chosen as the venue for the 2024 MotoTurismo Awards

The dates of the activities will be from June 13 to 16with Saturday the 15th as the main day, with the celebration of the tourist route open to participants, the awards ceremony in the afternoon and the gala dinner in the evening.

The second week of February 2024 Candidates will be opened in the fourteen categories which are awarded in 2024:

  • National route
  • International Route
  • Private initiative
  • Trademark Initiative
  • Solidarity Initiative
  • Hostelry
  • Entities
  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • Featured Trip
  • Corner of Interest
  • Commuter Motorcycle Top
  • Medium traveling motorcycle
  • Traveler motorcycle initiation

Canfranc chosen as the venue for the 2024 MotoTurismo Awards

Objectives of the 2024 MotoTurismo Awards

The renowned tourist motorcycle event mainly seeks:

  • Reward natural persons, legal entities or public entities that have stood out in carrying out or promoting motorcycle tourism trips and activities.
  • Position and distinguish the Communities where the gala is held as references for the support, dissemination and execution of activities related to motorcycling.

All the information about the MotoTurismo 2024 awards on the event’s official website.

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