CFMoto develops its first electric vehicle. It is sporty and looks good

Well yes, CFMoto is immersed in the staging of its electric sports motorcycle. Motorcycle that is being developed based on the frame of the already known 450SR and his naked sister, the 450NK. That is, it is a machine that would use the same chassis as existing models in the Chinese portfolio, instead of developing an exclusive chassis for the new model. And this is where the special thing about this project lies.

Let’s try to explain ourselves. The vast majority of electric motorcycles, whether those available on the market at this time or those that are in the development process, have exclusive designs. Many of them follow the idea of ​​using the battery casing as a structural element, to reduce both the size and weight of the motorcycle.

However, the latest innovation of CFMoto breaks this trend by introducing a sports bike that is based directly on an existing model. But, and this is also distinctive, with an integrated electric power pack instead of the combustion engine.

Although this design inevitably involves sacrificing some battery capacity compared to other optimized electric motorcycle designs, it could generate significant cost savings by sharing the majority of its components with other traditional fuel models.

And, as we are telling you, the recent patent reveals a lattice tubular steel chassis equal to that of the 450SR and 450NK. In addition, it retains the same seat, subframe, swingarm and suspension. But, now, it houses a battery and an electric motor.

This will be the future CFMoto electric motorcycle

Using the same mounting points that would normally hold the combustion engine, a pair of additional down tubes have been added that reinforce the structure and protect the battery. This configuration allows both the electric and fuel versions to be assembled side by side on the same production line.

CFElectric motorcycle

And so, the sport of CFMotooriginally powered by an internal combustion engine, will now lend its chassis for the electric version, showing a similar strategy adopted by many automakers.

While high-end electric vehicles tend to have specific designs, with batteries integrated into the chassis, there is a segment of more affordable electric vehicles that take advantage of the structures of traditional fuel models.

During this era of transition that we are experiencing, where the direction of future models is still unclear, taking advantage of economies of scale, and all possible synergies, becomes a valuable tool for manufacturers.

CFMoto 450SR

Highlighted in the patent designs is a metal battery box designed to protect both the motor and the electronic components beneath it. This box not only protects the batteries, but also contributes to the structural integrity of the bike’s chassis. Since the engine has a partially structural role in the internal combustion version, the electric drivetrain also takes on that role.

Although the chassis is derived from the sports CFMoto of medium displacement, the size of the battery box and motor suggests that the electric version will have performance more similar to that of a 125 cc motorcycle. However, the wheels, brakes and suspension appear to be identical to those of the 450cc model, and even the bodywork remains the same, at least according to the available illustrations.

CFMoto 450SR

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