CFMoto’s 800 MT-X is KTM’s Asian sister, and this is its definitive design

After passing through EICMA 2023, we all know that CFMoto arrives loaded with new features for this season and these include the future 800 MT-Xwhich the colleagues at Cycle World have informed us about after showing us some images of its final design that the brand itself has recently registered.

Its resemblance to KTM’s adventure frames is undeniable, but this is the price to be paid by the Austrian firm after signing a collaboration agreement with the powerful Chinese company in 2019.

As a result, CFMoto is in charge of manufacturing some of the European models and in exchange uses the well-known parallel twin. LC8c of the Austrians on their new mounts. Among them, the future 800 MT-X that we can see on these lines and that will clearly be launched on the market in the coming months.

Although CFMoto currently only uses the 799 cc variant, it is very likely that in the not too distant future it will end up using later versions of the well-known Austrian block. In any case, this 800 MT-X It would come to make up for the Offroad shortcomings that the 800MT presents, putting in the spotlight, among others, the KTM 790 Adventure.

CFMoto's new 800 MT-X almost ready for launch

The CFMoto 800 MT-X improves the Offroad capabilities of the 800MT

Based on these CAD images we can affirm that the resemblance to the 790 adventure It not only sticks to the mechanical and concept aspect itself. The 800 MT-X It goes one step further, adopting solutions already seen in the KTM frame, such as the tubular steel chassis and the shapes of its fuel tank.

If we remember the concept that the brand presented at the Milan show, it came with casings covering the braking discs and had an Akrapovič silencer. Both elements are no longer available in what appears to be the final version of the model. Now it also has a rear luggage rack and double front fenders.

CFMoto's new 800 MT-X almost ready for launch

The instrument panel is maintained 8” TFTradial type tires in sizes 21 and 18 inchesfront and rear respectively or a braking system signed by Brembo, replacing the J. Juan kit that assembles the 800MT. We just have to wait for the brand to comment on the exact launch date and offer us the final details of the model.

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