Citroën aims for electrification in 2024 to sell more and the return of the diesel Berlingo

“The most important year for the brand in the last decade will be 2024.” This is how the Citroën press conference began where they were going to present the 2023 results and the strategies for this year. Of course, the teaser was good and encouraged us to know the ambitions of the French firm.

One can see the glass half full or half empty. In the case of Citroën, in a market where registrations grew by 16.7%, they fell by 2.2%. They went from 43,161 units to 42,213. But they maintained sixth position in the total market and are third in sales of electric cars, where their sales grew by 83%. Additionally, they remain the clear leaders in light commercials, up +236%.

When those responsible for Citroën analyzed the Spanish market, they did so from a positive perspective. It was the best year in registrations since 2020… but if you see it from a negative point of view, there is still a way to go to reach the previous figures. The growth is very similar to other European markets… and also in the different channels and segments.

The sales figures are explained for two reasons. On the one hand, the arrival of new brands, mainly Chinese, which has caused them to lose market share (in the Top 10 there are no less than eight brands that have decreased sales). On the other hand, it has been a year with little news. Just the C4 2024 will be the year of the range renewal.

Citroën in 2024

This year at Citroën they plan to continue being what they have always been, a popular brand (not low cost), supported by four pillars: Simplicity, comfort, sustainability and daring.

Furthermore, they highlight that they are one of the few brands with two local markets; France and Spain. From 1958 They are manufactured in Vigo (today there are three plants, Figueruelas and Villaverde were added), with 36 models manufactured throughout history. Up to 26 Spanish provinces participate in manufacturing. There was even a specific campaign, Made In Spainhighlighting the importance of the Spanish market for the brand:

Looking ahead to 2024, there are great ambitions. To start, the Citroën ë C3, the firm’s big launch this year. An electric car with urban aspirations with which “We want a car that is competitive in price. And we believe that we have achieved it, yes. Fall into low cost.” Optimizing productive processes and costs to the maximum to reach the €24,000 without purchase aid«.

With this the pricing policy will change. For individuals it is a fixed price, without discounts. Orders start at the end of January. For now only requests for information since it was presented. Units with internal combustion engines arrive somewhat later.

Spain’s weak point in reaching European penetration figures is the charging infrastructure. But again they are positive. There are 40% more points than in 2022, but they recognize that bureaucracy needs to be reduced to establish new points.

And electrification is the path ahead. In 2024 the entire range will be electrified. With one or more options. They will end the year with eight models with a 100% electric variant. And the momentum in PHEV and MHEV will continue.

2024 will be the year of consolation of electrification in Citroën. Especially in light commercial vehicles: from AMI Cargo to Citroën Jumper. They will be the first ones with the brand’s new logo… in addition to the Comfort Seat in the new Berlingo.

In addition to segment B (that of the Citroën C3), commercial and industrial segments are key in Spain. Especially compact size. The Berlingo is the best-selling Citroën in 17 countries and 14 times the market leader in Spain since 1996.

And, surprise, he returns Diesel Berlingo M1 (with tourism approval, key in Spain), since the global emissions of the Stellantis Group have been controlled. Production begins in March (but don’t expect microhybridization). In this way they intend to have an offer more appropriate to what is demanded today, both in segments and propulsion systems, especially MHEVs… Connecting the dots, the C3 Aircross would be missing, which should have some electrification.

The icing is put by more efficient scheduler From the market. We want that to be the case, we hope to try it soon. They assure that, after internally reorganizing in 2023, for this year they have a stability that they did not have last year. And its objective is to grow, not so much in volume as in share. We will be there to tell it.

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