Citroën Ami Charleston by Biancone: nice tribute to the 2CV

In 1980, the Citroën 2CV Charleston was born, a special edition limited to 8,000 units initially that were used for delight the most purists with a two-tone body. Such was its success that its production would end up being limited, even the last 2CV produced in July 1990 was a Charleston. Years passed and some official tribute was paid to him through the C3 Pluriel Charleston that was manufactured in the Villaverde factory in Madrid in 2008. And now another one arrives, but unofficially, with the Citroën Ami Charleston by Biancone.

In this case it is not the French company that produces this model, it is an independent creation of the designer. Massimo Biancone. He presented a project to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the 2CV and the people at Citroën Italia decided to lend a hand to take it forward. At the end of 2023, it obtained approval to make this specimen a reality, which once again bears the Delage red and black colors by flag. There are a series of black details such as the bumper or the wheels, in addition to the signature of the special edition.

If they had to add any distinctive detail to the Citroën Ami Charleston by Biancone, it was it. sunroof with soft top, a solution similar to the one we see in its twin brother, the Fiat Topolino. The interior has also undergone a number of interesting modifications, with houndstooth leather upholstery. Although probably what draws the most attention is that single spoke steering wheel which is a clear tribute to the one the Citroën 2CV had. In addition, it has quite complete equipment, always based on the Ami.

The technical base does not change not even one iota, as it is still a light electric quadricycle with a marked urban character. It has an 8 HP motor and a 5.5 kWh battery, so it promises an electric range of up to 75 kilometers. Production of the Citroën Ami Charleston by Biancone is limited to 150 units and there are already more than thirty orders. He price is 11,000 eurossomewhat above the 7,990 euros that the conventional Ami costs, but not too much of the 9,190 euros of the Ami Tonic.

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