Citroën Holidays: a new identity for the brand’s camper vans

The camper vehicles They have been advancing in sales in recent years and it seems that the trend is not going to stop. In fact, more and more brands are offering them from the factory, so that the customer does not have to make any additional modifications. The latest model to arrive is the Citroën Holidays, which wants to change the brand identity in this type of recreational vehicles. It serves as a replacement for the previous SpaceTourer by Tinkervan with interesting new features and the promise of a larger family.

As we said, it is an adaptation of the Citroën SpaceTourer whose name is changed to show the new philosophy. It is a specimen in which up to four people can travel thanks to its spacious interior, which can have several rooms. To reach this level of equipment and refinement, a professional such as Bravia Mobil to perform the transformation. However, it is Citroën who will distribute it in its network starting in spring, maintaining all factory guarantees.

The Citroën Holidays comes with important details to guarantee comfortable trips thanks to its retractable roof. It is deployed to be able to offer a upper bed of 1.95 x 1.20 meters, offering good comfort thanks to its dome-shaped mattress. It can be attached to the top so that users can stand completely inside. In that compartment you can also mount a second bed of 1.90 x 1.15 meters so that a total of four people can sleep between the two rooms. Blinds are offered so that the light does not disturb your sleep.

Also includes a full kitchen, with its sink, two burners, a 16-liter refrigerator and a retractable table. It can be used for eating and other things, while the front seats rotate 180º to integrate into the living-dining room. There are also a good number of storage spaces, a 10 liter tank for clean water and another of the same size for wastewater. Optionally, a shower can be mounted in the rear with a 25-liter tank or a removable toilet.

Winter will not be a problem thanks to Webasto heating system Programmable with a touch control panel to adjust the temperature and also the interior lighting. The two side doors are sliding and can be electrically operated as an option, while allowing the installation of a outdoor roller awning to assemble that removable table. For the outside there is a 230 V incoming charging socket, while inside there is 230 V, and 2 USB A and USB C sockets.

He equipment It is the same as in the rest of the range, very complete. The same thing also happens with the mechanical range, which is left with the two diesel options more suitable for this type of vehicle. The Citroën Holidays can be chosen with the BlueHDI 145 and its six-speed manual gearbox or with the BlueHDi 180 and the eight-speed automatic transmission. Details on prices in each country will be given later.

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