Dacia goes all out with a seven-year warranty (even those already sold)

The usual thing for cars in the past was that they had warranties of two or three years. However, in recent years there are many manufacturers that They are extending those deadlines and that offer more than five years of coverage to their clients. First it was Kia and now it is Dacia which offers seven years of warranty and goes all out with a new program. It is the first European brand to reach that figure and we are going to explain the conditions to have it and how it even includes those already sold.

Dacia Zen is the name given to said program and refers to the peace of mind it brings to his clients. There are seven years of warranty completely free of charge, not a paid extension as other brands offer the possibility. The only condition to maintain it is to do the maintenance on the official network of brand workshops. It is a very big leap if we take into account that, to date, the Romanian firm had a three-year factory warranty, more or less in line with the sector average.

And the thing is that it doesn’t only affect new vehicles that are purchased from now on. It also includes the previous ones who are still within the deadline to adhere to the new guarantee. That is, those who have been sold in the last six years (since 2018), they can also be added to the plan. They will do so at the time they carry out the official review in the Dacia Commercial Network, as long as do not exceed 120,000 kilometers. This warranty is annual and extendable year to year, which means that to maintain it you have to undergo this maintenance every year.

From there it covers the following twelve months or 30,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. In this way, clients who carry out inspections with the house will be able to accumulate up to seven years or 150,000 kilometers fully covered without added cost. It is a blow on the table by Dacia by including nothing less than 300,000 cars to this Zen program that serves to confirm the confidence they have in their vehicles and their dealer network. Maintenance may be slightly more expensive than other workshops, but those years of warranty will be worth it.

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