Does your car not have a DGT label? These are the options to get it back to the city

The system of DGT environmental labeling It has been one of the most controversial decisions that have arisen in recent years. Although we have already internalized it, there is still talk of possible changes to cars with an ECO badge whose energy efficiency is quite dubious. While that happens, let’s talk about all those who have been left without a label and who now They cannot access the Low Emission Zones of cities (ZBE). There are several solutions to reverse your situation, but nothing is easy or cheap.

In Madrid, from 2024, the cars without environmental label (or those that are considered as label A) cannot access throughout the municipality unless the car is domiciled in the city or they are adapted, historical or emergency vehicles. A very harsh restriction that affects all those gasoline models from the year 2000 back or diesel models registered before 2006. They are around 50% of the specimens that still circulate on our roads, so we are going to talk about how to solve it.

Register it as historical

The historic vehicles are exempt of the restrictions in cities like Madrid (although not in Barcelona). In the absence of new regulations that regulate older cars, a solution to be able to enter cities without problems and without the weight of the ZBE would be to complete the process of registering the car as historic.

We have already seen that it can only be done with models that are over 30 years old and that provides some additional advantages, although the process is still somewhat tedious. With the new regulations everything could be streamlined and thus be able to quadruple the number of historical records nationwide. The price of the entire process is currently around 600 euros taking into account the professional inspection, the ITV or the traffic rateā€¦

Convert it to LPG

Another measure that may be interesting for vehicles less than 30 years old that do not have a label would be the conversion to LPG. Cars that run on this alternative fuel are rewarded with the ECO badge and that makes them forget about the restrictions and have other advantages such as paying less taxes or parking. Besides, any model is subject to making the changesince it is a relatively simple job.

To transform a car to be able to work with liquefied petroleum gas, there are many specialists and that means that prices have been lowered. By between 1,500 and 3,000 euros The process can be carried out to change parts such as injectors, add a converter or the tank itself for the new fuel. In addition to the ECO label, there will also be savings when refueling due to the reduced price of LPG.

Electrify it

The electric car will be the future, or at least that is what it seems looking at the regulations on our continent. So another type of transformation that could be feasible for older and unlabeled vehicles would be a total electrification. It is something that is already being done by some companies, but there is one issue. And, like its purchase, it is still something very expensive. Converting a combustion car to an electric propulsion system can cost from 10,000 euros onwards.

That taking into account the generic kits which are coming out with electric motors and a compact sized battery. For more extensive modifications, an even larger quantity will have to be prepared. It would only make sense for vehicles in very poor condition or with a high value, because a study and an approval to maintain safety standards. With what is known as “retrofit” you would obtain the ZERO label from the DGT, but at what price…

How to order the label

Once the new approval has been obtained and the MOT has been passed, it is time to obtain the new and precious label. It can be purchased at the following points and has a cost of 5 euros (in some places more for shipping costs and other concepts):

  • Post Offices
  • Network of workshops of the Spanish Confederation of workshops (CETRAA) and other networks of authorized workshops
  • Administrative Managers
  • Institute of Automotive Studies (IDEAUTO)
  • In the case of fleets it is done through the Ganvam association

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