Don’t be stingy and change the valves when the tire. If not, this is what you’re facing.

When changing tires on a motorcycle, it is common to focus on the brand and type of tires, the correct pressure, and other aspects essential for performance and safety. However, a detail that often goes unnoticed but is crucial is the condition of the wheel valves. Changing these small parts when installing new tires can make a difference in the safety and performance of the vehicle.

The valves on a motorcycle’s wheels play a fundamental role in maintaining proper tire pressure. They are responsible for tightly sealing the system and therefore contribute to maintaining stability and grip on the road. When installing new tires, it is imperative to consider the condition of the valves and, in many cases, opt for their replacement.

Why change tire valves on a motorcycle

One of the main reasons for changing valves when installing new tires is the possible degradation over time. Valves are exposed to environmental factors such as sunlight, heat and pollution, which can cause the rubber to deteriorate. If the valves are in poor condition, they can begin to leak air, resulting in a gradual loss of tire pressure. Pressure loss not only affects fuel efficiency, but also compromises the stability and braking ability of the motorcycle.

Additionally, by changing the valves along with the tires, optimal sealing is ensured. New valves provide a tight fit, reducing the risk of air leaks. This proper sealing is essential for maintaining consistent tire pressure, which in turn improves fuel efficiency and extends tire life.

Another crucial aspect is the prevention of possible damage during the tire mounting process. Older valves may be worn or brittle, making them susceptible to damage during tire disassembly and reassembly. Changing the valves as part of the process ensures that these vital parts are not compromised and that the inflation system remains intact.

My tires have colored dots

In conclusion, the importance of changing wheel valves when fitting new tires on motorcycles should not be underestimated. This small detail can make a difference in terms of safety, performance and efficiency. By investing in new valves, motorcyclists can ensure their tires perform optimally, maintaining proper pressure and providing a safer, more enjoyable ride.

It’s a reminder that sometimes it’s the seemingly insignificant details that contribute significantly to the driving experience.

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