Dream bikes for sale: 1984 Honda Stream

It had been a long time since we were aware of the sale of a Honda Streamthe well-known tricycle from the Japanese firm that was marketed in the 1980s. In addition, it stands out for being the first model of this type within the Japanese brand, equipped with a rear axle with a tilting function.

Officially presented in November 1981, the Honda Stream mechanically had a propeller 49 cc two-stroke single cylinderequipped with an automatic transmission.

With it, the golden wing firm sought to provide its customers with a simple, comfortable and cheap option for daily travel, as well as having the possibility of having some load capacity.

With a design that instantly reminds us of the Honda Spazio, at least in its front part, the Honda Stream stands out for its square shapes typical of the time. What stands out in it is the possibility of tilting when drawing curves. For it It had a rear limited slip differential.

Other notable details are, for example, having a single seat or having a compartment in the front shield to accommodate packages weighing up to 5 kg. It also had electric start, or wheels finished in a silver finish.

All this for a final price of 198,000 yen, about 1,200 euros at the timea really high figure if we compare it, for example, with the Super Cub, equipped with the same engine and which cost practically half as much as this one.

Dream bikes for sale: 1984 Honda Stream

1984 Honda Stream in detail

This specific unit, belonging to the VIN T3071032230has finally been sold for a price of 3,500 dollars, about 3,200 euros in exchange, on the well-known auction page Bringatrailer. It belongs to the series called TB07 and was acquired by the previous owner in 2022.

Finished in a metallic red color, it only has 610 kilometers on their odometer, although they already warn in their sales advertisement that they do not know if the mileage is real. The 8” wheels are equipped with Bridgestone tires, although these show several cracks, so their new owner will have to change them soon. Without a doubt an iconic model within Honda, of which there are not many units in circulation outside of Japan.

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