Dream bikes for sale: 1999 Harley-Davidson MT500

When we all think of a Harley-Davidson saddle, a lightweight trail bike painted “army green” never comes to mind, does it? However, this MT500 It was part of the range of the American firm in the 1999 and 2000 seasons, and of which very few copies were sold.

According to some sources consulted, only 578 units throughout those two years on the market, and only some dealers of the brand were allowed to sell them to their customers. Furthermore, given the low acceptance of the model among followers of the Yankee firm, some of these MT500s remained unsold.

Harley-Davidson MT500 in detail

The main idea was to obtain a contract with the US military, in which Harley would manufacture the model for military purposes. In fact, the MT500 It was the work of the British company Armstrong-CCM, from which HD bought the patent for the model. The Milwaukee brand also developed an optional set of side cases that could even house a rifle. Bullpup SA/80 or similar.

Mechanically, it had an engine 500cc Rotax single cylinder and 4 valves in the cylinder head, air-cooled and associated with a 5-speed transmission. It could have electric and foot start, although the latter system was located on the left. In addition, there was also a variant with a smaller displacement, the MT350, equipped with a similar engine, although in this case 350 cc.

Dream bikes for sale: 1999 Harley-Davidson MT500

Now, almost a quarter of a century later, we continue to find, very occasionally, copies like the one currently for sale on the well-known virtual portal Ebay. We talk about the unit associated with VIN:1HD4RLS10XY000105 and as a notable fact is that it is literally brand new, since has only traveled 10 miles throughout these 24 years.

In the words of the seller, as explained by the colleagues at Bike Urious: “It was never sold and remained at the dealership until its owner sold the dealership in 2007, at which time he kept the bike for his personal collection. He just started the bike and drove it home, which was 8 miles.”

Dream bikes for sale: 1999 Harley-Davidson MT500

And continues: “From the factory the motorcycles came with 2 miles on the odometer. The bike has been in a heated and climate controlled showroom and of course the small amount of fuel was drained and the tank and carburetor are spotless.”

Concludes: “The sale also includes the original MSO, certificate of origin, Harley-Davidson dealer invoice, dealer setup sheet, tool kit and owner’s manuals.”

Dream bikes for sale: 1999 Harley-Davidson MT500

This Harley-Davidson MT500 is found in Miami Florida and whoever wishes to enjoy its charms, with or without an additional rifle, must pay the 10,000 dollars, about 9,200 euros at the exchange rate, requested by its current owner.

For more information you can click directly on the sales link.

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