Ducati 750SS “Green Frame” from 1974

The history of the iconic Ducati 750SS “Green Frame” from 1974 is one of those stories that one never tires of rereading over and over again, understanding from the first moment why this model from the Italian firm, and in particular this variant, are today a true gem worthy of being on display. in a museum.

This idea is magnified even more when you come across one of the 401 copies which were marketed in truly collectible condition. This is the case of this Ducati 750SS “Green Frame” from 1974 that can be found on the specialized page Borgotaro Motorcycleowned by Peter Boggia.

According to Piper Burn’s colleagues, there is no one on the planet who has sold more Ducati 750SS “Green Frame” over the years than Boggia. What we do not know is how many times he has had the pleasure of enjoying a copy with so few kilometers, and also restored in detail like the one that is the protagonist of these lines today.

This compendium of factors means that a Ducati 750SS of this type is priced in figures around 230,000 euros. If we also talk about one of the 88 copies that were only marketed in the US, their price can skyrocket to unsuspected limits. Only available to a privileged few.

Dream bikes for sale: Ducati 750SS "Green Frame" from 1974

Ducati 750SS “Green Frame” in detail

As a notable fact in this story, it must be said that precisely this year marks the 50th anniversary of the modelwhich is precisely why it is more than likely that the price of the Ducati 750SS “Green Frame” will rise exponentially.

Having said that and sticking to the motorcycle in question, as they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. If we add to this the history of this unit, sales success is practically guaranteed.

Dream bikes for sale: Ducati 750SS "Green Frame" from 1974

On the other hand, we have the history of the model, created to commemorate the brand’s victory in the 1972 Imola 200 Milewith the pilots Paul Smart and Bruno Spaggiari achieving the double in this prestigious international race.

Data to highlight about it are its silver color with green chassis, the spoked wheels and the Desmo engine capable of offering 73 HP. With 202kg declared with all the cars, it reached a maximum speed 217 km/h.

Dream bikes for sale: Ducati 750SS "Green Frame" from 1974

This specific example with chassis number 075374associated with the motor reference 075338, was acquired in 1975 through an official distributor of the brand. It later fell into the hands of Dale Boller, a member of Cycle publishing who kept it completely original until 1977, when he sold it to Larry Burrow.

Although he made some changes to it, the motorcycle subsequently underwent an exhaustive and meticulous restoration, using exclusively original elements of the model.

Dream bikes for sale: Ducati 750SS "Green Frame" from 1974

Radial tires, Marzocchi shock absorbers, braking equipment or lighting are exactly the same as when this Ducati 750SS “Green Frame” He walked out the door of the dealership.

Also the fairing parts or the paint work carried out on it. A true gem that you can try to buy by clicking on this link. Good luck, although more than this, you will need many euros.

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