Electra will install a thousand charging points in Spain

Electric vehicle charging points promise to become productive businesses. The rise of these cars has made visible the need to extend the charging network so that the effectiveness of electric mobility is optimized. Many voices believe that the reduced charging network for electric cars is an obstacle that limits the sale of these cars.

Since 2023, the company Electra Charge has been operating in Spain. Having analyzed that ours is a strategic country for your business, The company has plans for large investments in the five-year period.

A first phase

In the first stage of investments, Electra Charge will invest 100 million euros in Spain over the next four years. It will install 150 electric charging stations with a total of 1,000 charging points. In this year 2024, 20 of these electric charging stations will be completed, which will add up to 120 fast charging points.

Shopping centers have been installation centers for charging points. In agreement with LSGI, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Alicante and Santa Cruz de Tenerife already have electric stations installed by Electra. They are strategic spaceswithout a doubt, that many users concentrate.

The company is currently in investigation and diagnosis stage to obtain information to expand the network. Based on these data and parameters, you will determine in which specific areas you will establish your electric charging stations and how many points will be necessary in each one.

Recharge electric cars

Electra always goes better

As they tell us at fleetpeople.es, Electra’s ambitions are not limited to Spain. Its electric web expands across Europe. Its project aims to reach 15,000 charging points in the main centers of the continent by 2030.

Electra is a company that is not satisfied with what it currently does, which is already a very productive business. It researches and develops other services in the field of electric charging. He claims that, in his seasons, Electric charging is as simple as refueling with gasoline.

The starting point of their actions is the hypothesis that Charging points are an important issue for the rise of electric cars. The user of a vehicle wants comfort and rejects wasted time.

Therefore, it is proposed to generate a service system that results in a good balance for the user. Speed ​​and convenience in electric charging are, in the opinion of Electra, two key objectives of its developments.

Electra charging points

Investors respond

Starting in 2020, Electra has launched strategies to win over investors. And in these three years he has raised approximately 600 million euros.

The lead investor is PGGM, a Dutch pension fund services provider. It also has contributions from Bpifrance. And, of course, they remain firm in their confidence in Electra, investing in it since its early days, RIVE Private Ivestment, the SNCF group, Serena and Eurazeo.

Many investors imply good forecasts. Electra’s plans are convincing due to their adaptation to the current context and because they truly respond to a market need in which there is little competition.

Everything seems to indicate that this company will continue to lead the long-term sector of electric charging point operations in Spain and Europe.

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