Electric cars still depreciate more than gasoline cars

Car depreciation is a tricky thing and should be taken into account by all users. In the end, it is an important purchase due to the level of financial outlay and it is interesting to see the value that the vehicle can lose in the short term. Although there are many variables that affect that data. For example, the propulsion system it equips. It has been shown that today, the electric vehicles are still devalued to a greater extent than gasoline cars. We are going to analyze the reasons and whether it will continue to be this way.

Ganvam and DAT They have come together to carry out an independent study that acts neutrally and obtains accurate data. With artificial intelligence technology, the prices of used vehicles have been extracted to see how much value they lost After three years and 60,000 kilometers, which is 90,000 kilometers for diesels. They have evaluated electric cars, plug-in hybrids, conventional hybrids, diesel and gasoline to draw a graph with value retention. First spoiler and surprise: the hybrids are the ones that come out the best.

After 36 months of their first registration, it was observed that the Hybrids retained 72.6% of their value with respect to the average RRP, something very notable that positions them as those that depreciate the least. They are followed by gasoline cars conventional vehicles very closely, since this type, which is the best seller, maintains 71.5% of the value after that time and the 60,000 kilometers mentioned. That means that if you are looking to sell the car in that period, they would be the most interesting to acquire.

One step below are the diesel cars, which retain 67.6% of their value after traveling 90,000 kilometers. That they use a higher figure is due to the more intensive use that is usually made of this type of fuel. The plug-in hybrids They are not too far away by keeping 66.5% of the value in their first years of life. That leaves us with the last ones on the list being the pure electric ones, with a fairly substantial difference.

This type of vehicles they barely maintain 52.9% of the value after three years and 60,000 kilometers. That means that it depreciates by almost half in a relatively short period of time. The reasons may be that technology is advancing very quickly in recent years, in addition to other variables such as the drop in sales in China or the withdrawal of public aid from certain countries.

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