Electric motorcycles are starting to look scary. They have scored the first victory in Supercross against the gasoline ones

Electric motorcycles are no longer just motorcycles designed for everyday use, and more and more we see options with the potential to stand up to gasoline ones. That is the case of the Stark VARG, a motocross bike whose main characteristic is being one of the most powerful dirt bikes.

Curiously, although Stark Future, the brand behind the VARG is not Spanish, the motorcycles are manufactured in Spain. And one of those motorcycles that have been manufactured in Barcelona has made history in the British Arenacross, the Supercross competition in the United Kingdom.

The whole story has to do with the second round of the championship, held in Manchester a few days ago. There Jack Brunell and his Stark VARG managed to mark a turning point in the history of the championship and, also, in the history of the competition. They took on the almighty four-strokes and emerged victorious.

In offroad in general, electric motorcycles are beginning to reclaim their ground

We had already seen how Honda had been able to make its electric motorcycle competitive and how well it did in All Japan, but the step forward achieved by Brunell takes electric motorcycles to the next level.

On paper, the truth is that the characteristics of electric motorcycles should be able to defend themselves very well in Supercross, twisty and in which having good engine torque and traction capacity can make a difference.

But one thing is theory and the other is practice. And Brunell finished fifth in the first qualifier and then took victory in the Pro Heat and the Pro Final. Whether it was circumstantial or not is something we will be able to know shortly, since the next event will be held this weekend in Belfast.

In any case, no matter what happens, the success of Brunell, Stark Future and electric motorcycles are only one more example of the real potential of a machine that, in closed areas, also has an extra advantage: they have no emissions.

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