FELO FW-06 test

FELO FW-06 test: Introduction, positioning and rivals

Since the advent of electric motorcycles, a multitude of proposals have emerged, especially in the equivalent of 125 cc, that is, 11 kW of power, the limit to be able to circulate with the A1 or the B license with three years of experience. The vast majority are motorcycles or scooters of an urban nature.

The reason is that, unlike combustion vehicles, they consume less in the urban environment. Likewise, electric motorcycles consume more at high speeds, while going full throttle at 90 km/h on a combustion motorcycle consumes little gasoline.

In the city, electric vehicles benefit from lower speeds and continuous retention, key to recharging their batteries. That is why it is not strange that the majority of electric motorcycles and scooters are utility motorcycles, whether for individuals or for delivery. This implies comfortable and versatile ergonomic configurations, far from sports postulates.

FELO FW-06 test

Fortunately for us, at FELO they are aware that there are more niches to cover in electric motorization and they bring the FW-06 to the world, a vision totally opposite to what is on the market, but which catches the eye at the first time. Its sharp design only previews what is to come: dazzling accelerations and racing sensations.

Its engineering is designed for what it seems and it is inevitable to consider the same concept on a larger scale. Because the FELO FW-06 (5 kW-10 kW, €7,299) may seem like a hybrid between a scooter and a small motorcycle; in fact, its 14-inch wheels seem disproportionately large compared to its body, like the paws of a large dog puppy that is yet to grow.

If we look for rivals among electric motorcycles with 14-inch wheels, we only find the Ovaobike MCR-H (5.7 kW-9.1 kW, €9,790) and the Cake Ösa (5 kW-9 kW, from €8,880), from modular and utilitarian philosophy. For now, the rest of the electric vehicles with 14-inch wheels are urban scooters, although it will not be for long, because designing and building an electric motorcycle is simpler and cheaper than thermal motorcycles.

From now on we will witness more launches of particular models with bold designs, such as the FELO FW-06. In fact, the FELO FW-03 will arrive shortly, a model inspired by the famous Honda Cub 90 and that makes much more sense in an electric version.

FELO FW-06 test

FELO FW-06 test: Features, equipment and philosophy

The design of the FELO FW-06 integrates a light motorcycle in which the center of gravity is located in the center and in the lowest possible position. Thus, the chassis is a tubular structure that embraces the battery, both forming the structure of the motorcycle.

The electrical system operates at a nominal voltage of 96 V, higher than the usual 48 or 72 V, and is powered by a battery with lithium ion cells of type INP58P, with a capacity of 5.57 kWh and meeting the IP67 safety standards, that is, it can withstand up to one meter of water depth for 24 hours. As it is a support part of the motorcycle, the battery is not removable.

It should be noted that the motorcycle battery is guaranteed for 8 years or 80,000 km, whichever comes first. If during this period the battery deteriorates, remaining below 70% of its original capacity, it would be changed for a new one.

FELO FW-06 test

What is really surprising is the final weight of the set, 125 kg, at the level of the lightest 125 cc scooters. The comparison is relevant because the engine power is also below the 11kW that corresponds to a maximum of 125 cc. It develops a nominal power of 5 kW, although with power peaks of 10 kW.

But what makes the difference compared to the 125 cc is the engine torque, as it reaches 338 Nm at the wheel. This implies speeds that are unattainable for combustion engines.

The data is devastating. It takes less than 2 seconds to reach 50 km/h and 5.3 seconds to reach 80 km/h, but as we will see in the “How it goes” section, to do this you have to use the power peaks provided by the Sport button, which would be more appropriate to call “power“, “Turbo” either “boost”, because it is really reactive, as Fantastic Car was to Michael Knight’s request, when he pressed the button in question.

FELO FW-06 test

Brakes and suspensions are simple and effective, but without fuss. At the front it has a conventional non-adjustable fork and a 230 mm diameter front disc brake clamped by a single-piston caliper and assisted by ABS, while at the rear the suspension is entrusted to a rear monoshock, also unregulated and directly anchored to the swingarm. .

The rear brake, also a disc, is 180 mm in diameter. With only 125 kg of weight they are enough to comply with note, but a version with “black leg” brakes and suspensions is missing to be able to take advantage of the dynamic qualities of the FW-06.

FELO FW-06 test

The dimensions of the motorcycle are really compact, and can be loaded in many not so large vans. It only measures 1,830 mm long, while the distance between the axles is 1,240 mm, a really short figure but that does not detract from the poise of the FW-06 and its geometries.

The tires in sizes 110/80-14 and 140/70-14 are also shown to be very well sized, but we were not able to test the CST fitted as standard, since ADN Motos had fitted the Bridgestone Battlax SCR, at the request of their supersport riders. .

FELO FW-06 test

The seat height is 800 mm, which, together with the narrowness and lightness of the motorcycle, does not represent any problem when maneuvering or moving it while stationary. It does not have a stand, but neither does it have a chain, so maintenance work on it is not necessary: ​​more weight saved.

FELO FW-06 test

The load capacity is practically zero. Under the seat there is room for papers (folded) and just a mobile phone. Not even the charger fits. If you need to travel with the charger, it will have to go in a backpack. It is one of the weak points of the FW-06, which you can only avoid if you have charging infrastructure at your point of origin and/or destination.

The charger is bulky and heavy. It connects to the motorcycle through a connector located behind a cover behind the right shield. On the left there is another glove box, this time uncovered, which can fit a mobile phone or a pair of well-folded rain pants, just under the seat.

FELO FW-06 test

The motorcycle’s lighting is full-LED, well resolved, but not the LCD instrument panel, which is difficult to read under bright conditions. The information it provides is fair, because there is no partial odometer that can be reset at will, but rather every time the motorcycle is started. Yes there is a permanent total odometer.

The panel also reports the percentage of remaining charge and the remaining autonomy, always depending on the demand on the accelerator and the turbo boost button, whose activation is reflected on the LCD screen. It also has a time clock.

FELO FW-06 test

Through an app, you can also enjoy connectivity, being able to consult routes, consumption or the location of the FW-06, among other data and statistics. The equipment also includes a USB port, cruise control and key system keyless for keyless start.

As for electronic controls, it has a specific VCU central control unit developed for this model, which manages traction delivery (ATS torque control) and thus can extract the full potential of the engine under safe conditions.

FELO FW-06 test

FELO FW-06 test: How the FELO FW-06 goes

At first glance the FW-06 fits well and catches the eye. Its design produces a certain sympathy, because it shows what it is, a real toy. Once on top of it, it is surprising how little modern it costs; Its dimensions and turning angle help, really good for the urban jungle.

The driving position a priori is not bad, but on the first trip you will discover that the seat tends to push you forward, as your legs become more and more bent. It forces you to correct your posture every so often or at red traffic lights.

The footpegs are in a correct point within the compactness of the motorcycle and the handlebars at an adequate distance, but only at the beginning of the journeys, because they will be closer and closer. Everything results in a physical component that, if it were not for the fact that it is a motorcycle designed for short trips, could be irritating.

FELO FW-06 test

All that is forgotten as soon as you turn on the gas from a standstill. The FELO FW-06 catapults at every traffic light to the surprise of the front row of the grid. At the next traffic light, you will have the attention of former polemen, if not directly ask: how much does that cost?

The feeling of agility is inherent to the motorcycle in any circumstance. In the urban area, the brakes operate at the same level as the best scooters, with the difference that this motorcycle rides much more than those. For that reason alone you will demand more from them, even if you don’t activate the miracle button.

In the city it is almost not necessary, if only when joining expressways to adapt to the speed of the surrounding traffic. The reason is that, although the acceleration is explosive, its thrust decreases from 50 km/h until reaching approximately 85-87 km/h, a speed that cannot be exceeded, unless we press the boostin which case the motorcycle pushes up to its top speed with force.

Once you have exceeded 85 km/h, you can drive on gas without pressing the stop button. boost and maintain cruises of 100 and 110 km/h. We can say that it is a shuttle button: it helps you reach a speed, but it is not necessary to maintain it, saving unnecessary effort on the battery that could compromise its durability.

FELO FW-06 test

Needless to say, the same thing happens on the open road, with the addition that the geometries and section of the wheels allow you to navigate devilish curves. Here the extra power is welcome, mainly at the exit of the curves, once the apex has been passed.

The feeling of silent pushing is really addictive. You quickly get used to the good workmanship of the FELO FW-06, and you notice it when you get back on a combustion-powered citizen motorcycle, whose feel will seem old-fashioned, no matter how soft it is. On the open road, more significant suspensions and brakes are missing.

With double disc brakes and more solid suspensions, what is a very fun motorcycle could become an exceptional motorcycle. Its engineering is brilliant and its performance exceptional. The price is high, as are electric motorcycles, but it is cheaper than its rivals.

If we add the aid from the State and the CCAA, the price of €7,200 can fall to around €6,000 (depending on the Autonomous Community), a figure to take into account, especially if you have the infrastructure to charge it while it is parked.

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