Forget today’s smart suspensions. CFMoto takes them to another level. Your new patent even detects potholes

CFMoto would have registered a new patent referring to the suspensions section. More specifically, the one that concerns a semi-active suspension system, so current these days, and with which they intend to go one step further in terms of innovation, including a front camera in charge of collecting data, in real time, on the state of the floor.

As we have learned from Cycle World colleagues, this new patent would have been registered last year 2022 and it is now that it has been made public. This highlights the work carried out by CFMoto, in technological terms, and how advanced this specific system could be.

As we already told you some time ago in this article, Semi-active electronic suspensions have existed since BMW introduced this option on its 2004 R1200GS. Since then they have evolved rapidly, at the same time as the rest of the electronic driving aids, but it is worth remembering that the operation has not always been the same: Now they are “smart”.

Precisely this last term is where the work carried out by CFMoto in its new patentincluding a front camera efficiently coordinated with the motorcycle’s ECU. A way to go one step further in terms of comfort, safety and dynamism, making electronic adjustments even before hitting a pothole, for example.

This technology, although it may seem like it, is not entirely new, or at least the concept itself that CFMoto is trying to achieve with its new patent. Already in the 80s nissan It used a sensor responsible for reading the road, sending constant information to the adaptive suspension that it installed in some of its models.

Also in 2019 we were able to see a Honda patent that, through sensors and accelerometers, was capable of “reading” the terrain under which the wheel steps and thus adapt the operation of the suspension automatically.

Later, it was Mercedes Benz who devised a scanning system more similar to that of CFMoto using several cameras to do the same, within its range of high-end models, thanks to its functions “Magic Body Control” and “Road Surface Scan”.

CFMoto's new patent attempts to take the role of suspensions to another level

This new patent would be developed on a semi-active suspension that a priori would equip its 1250 TR-G model, a Grand Tourer equipped with a propeller twin cylinder in 1,279 cc V originally KTM, since it, as standard, mounts conventional Marzocchi suspensions. As detailed in the document to which we have had access:

“A shock absorber control system, which includes a camera. The camera is used to capture the information of the road surface in front of the motorcycle and can transmit the information to the shock absorber. The information controls the front and rear shock absorbers to adjust their respective damping.”

CFMoto could start using its new patent in markets such as China

Although much of the explanation of his new patent It focuses precisely on the operation of the semi-active suspension that they would be developing, the unusual thing about the case is the use of a camera subordinated to the system.

CFMoto's new patent attempts to take the role of suspensions to another level

In this case we would be talking about a camera, like the one found in some cars, capable of reading the terrain and interpreting what we are going to find in front of us. Thanks to this artificial vision, the suspension can be adapted instantly.

We will be attentive to see if, finally, the system begins to be implemented, especially in the models intended for the police or similar, which are the ones that mostly use this model in China and the first to receive the model when it was launched.

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