Free helmets, the formula to encourage the use of approved helmets

Wearing an approved motorcycle helmet that fits your size will increase your safety exponentially. Nobody doubts that, not even in Mexico City, Mexico, where a more than interesting Road Safety campaign has been launched that aims to increase the safety of motorcycle users.

Promoted by SEMOVI, the acronym for the Mobility Secretariat of Mexico City, an awareness campaign has begun in pilot experience mode. It started on January 10 and consists of providing a voucher for an approved helmet to those users who, after being stopped for a specific control, perceive that the helmet is in poor condition or even do not have it at the time of being stopped at the checkpoint.

But the initiative does not stop at that aspect, since the helmet is not given in exchange for anything. Those users who are given the voucher, in order to collect it, have to appear at the Motoescuela to receive a theoretical and practical class, which aims for those who already drive motorcycles to improve their skills.

The campaign launched by Mexico City goes one step further

Taking advantage of the initiative, the Government of Mexico City remembers that in order to drive a motorcycle it is mandatory that it have a registration plate and circulation card, as well as that the user themselves have the relevant license. They also insist that the use of an approved helmet is mandatory and that it is completely prohibited for more than two people to circulate on the motorcycle, as is the transportation of minors.

In any case, it is still an initiative that seeks to raise awareness and improve the safety of motorcycle users. In recent years, the motorcycle fleet has doubled in the American country and, with it, the accident rate has increased.

Taking advantage of the campaign, it is remembered that minors cannot travel

Without a doubt, a good idea to promote safety that goes one step further than simple fines or institutional campaigns, which not only affects the importance of the helmet but also improves driving skills.

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