Goodbye to potholes. Shimano already has suspensions ready that “read” obstacles using AI

The suspension system of a bicycle is an important component which affects ride quality and safety, especially on off-road and gravel roads. However, different riders may have different preferences for suspension stiffness and response, and different terrain may require different suspension settings.

How to make the suspension system automatically adapt to the needs of the cyclist and changes in the environment? The solution seems to be on the table, we see it below.

Adjusting the suspension with Artificial Intelligence, Shimano’s idea

Shimano, a well-known bicycle parts manufacturer, is developing an innovative solution: an AI-powered automatic suspension adjustment system. This system uses machine learning technology to instantly adjust suspension parameters according to the rider’s habits, terrain characteristics and other factors to achieve the best driving effect.

The system consists of a small screen mounted on the handlebars of a bicycle. This screen displays the current status of the suspension and allows the rider to provide feedback on suspension settings by pressing the thumb up or down buttons.

In this way, the artificial intelligence system can continually learn the rider’s preferences and provide personalized suspension settings for each rider. Isn’t it great?

Shimano suspensions

Improving conditions for the cyclist

Shimano says the purpose of the automatic suspension adjustment system is improve rider safety, comfort and efficiency. Drivers no longer need to manually adjust the suspension or worry that the suspension is not suitable for the road conditions, they only need to focus on driving pleasure.

The system can also continually optimize suspension performance based on driver feedback, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and smooth driving experience. We are witnessing the arrival of Artificial Intelligence in all sectors, in all areas of today. And bicycle designs were not going to be the exception.

The advantages that Artificial Intelligence brings

Shimano suspensions

As we see, AI technology has entered the field of bicycles and has provided many innovative applications. This is the case of the Urtopia Fusion, an electric bicycle for travelers with integrated ChatGPT that allows you to talk to it and ask for tips and tricks for your next trip.

Shimano’s next step is apparently to partner with big-name suspension manufacturers like Fox, RockShox, and Ohlins to give them access to their next-generation technology. Expectations are great, both in the production and generation of systems in progress, and in future innovations.

Improvements needed

But is self-adjusting suspension really necessary in the world of cycling? Of course, active suspension in motorcycles and cars was already invented many years ago. In any case, it is clear that cycling, whether electric or not, is about enjoying the simplest things in life. It’s clear that Big Tech wants to make smoother, more efficient, and more fluid bikes, and that trend is unlikely to change.

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