Greeves Starmaker 24ME of 1963

Recently, we have learned, thanks to the friends of Bike Urious, of the existence of this Greeves Starmaker 24ME of 1963which is currently being sold, in auction mode, on the well-known online portal Ebay.

The brand may not be familiar to most of you, since we are talking about a British company that developed different models in the middle of the last century, in rather small series. Reliable proof of this fact is, for example, this Starmaker 24MEof which they believe that only 89 units were assembled in the 1963 season.

Equipped with a 247 cc two-stroke Villiers engine, was associated with a four-speed gearbox. As detailed in the publication Motocross Action, the Starmaker 24ME It had two carburetors Amal Monobloc that could be configured so that these opened progressively.

In this way some power was supposed to be gained at low and high rpm. However, the Starmaker 24ME declared a maximum power of 25 HP at 6,500 revolutionsalthough this was not enough for it to succeed on the MX tracks, which is why the model had been developed.

Dream bikes for sale: 1963 Greeves Starmaker 24ME

In Motocross Action they explain that: “The machine was so bad that factory rider Dave Bickers switched to rival brand Husqvarna midway through the 1963 season. Many Husqvarna dealers couldn’t get the Starmaker running and customers demanded their money back. The Starmaker 24ME The twin-carburetor engine marked the end of the Greeves/Villiers relationship, and Greeves began manufacturing its own engines.”

Greeves Starmaker 24ME from 1963 in detail

The unit, which is now for sale in Reno, Nevada, United States, It is in really good apparent condition. As explained by the seller himself “The engine was overhauled and the piston, rings and gaskets replaced. Like a typical old dirt bike, the engine drips a few drops of oil when stopped.”

Dream bikes for sale: 1963 Greeves Starmaker 24ME

As expected, this motorcycle does not have a license plate or official documentation from the brand, so it is sold with a standard invoice. Furthermore, with the motorcycle original documentation from Villiers and Greeves includedas catalogs and advertising of the time.

If you are interested in getting this British beauty you should access the sale advertisement by clicking on this link and try your luck. We warn you that it will not be cheap to get their services, since their current price is around $40,000, about 36,500 euros, very far from the initial offers that its current owner has received so far.

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