Have you gone to the DGT and they have not helped you? Well this is going to change

There is nothing more frustrating than carrying out a procedure or claim in a public administration department, such as a DGT office, and not being able to do anything because to be attended to we had to make an appointment.

Well, this is going to change, or at least that is what the Minister of Digital Transformation and Public Function, José Luis Escrivá, announced this Wednesday, January 31, by stating that Changes will be made to the law to force public administrations to serve all citizens without forcing them to request a prior appointment.

“To reinforce citizens’ trust in public administration we have to put an end to mandatory appointments,” declared Escrivá, and that “this requires a regulatory change in article 14 of the Law on Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.”

What does article 14 of the Administrative Procedure Law say?

This article of Law 39/2015 states that “natural persons” may interact with administrations in person or electronically, unless it is mandatory. But in the same article it is pointed out that administrations can determine what the relationship with the public will be like or, in the words of the law: The means chosen by people to communicate with public administrations can be modified by them at any time.”

To ensure that each citizen is served without the need to request an appointment through the internet or other means, It is essential to change this articleand this is what the government has announced through the minister in the Congress of Deputies.

DGT Offices

Where did that “no appointment without appointment” come from?

The procedures and different procedures in the different offices of the public administration became non-face-to-face, or in-person by appointment, first of all, as a way to facilitate procedures and so that people did not have to go to the offices to carry out any procedure.

The prior appointment also served to avoid lines and crowds. in the spaces of public administration, which was very useful during the Covid-19 pandemic, but which no longer has a reason to exist.

What happens in the DGT

Although more than 90% of the procedures carried out before the General Directorate of Traffic can be carried out remotely, via telephone, the DGT website or the mobile application (AppmiDGT), There are sectors of the population that do not handle new technologies or simply do not have access to them. And for this reason they cannot bring to fruition, and sometimes not even begin, different efforts in this organization.

DGT appointment

Getting an appointment to change the ownership of the vehicle, a mandatory procedure that establishes a limited time to make the change of owner, can be a real ordeal, according to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). Furthermore, it is common to come across the message “Customer service hours are full for the next few days. Please try again later.”

If article 14 of the Administrative Procedure Law is modified and the proposal of the Minister of Digital Transformation to prohibit the use of mandatory prior appointment is imposed, officials will be forced to serve all those “natural persons” to present themselves to carry out a procedure, although it will, naturally, be “on a first-come, first-served basis.”

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