He was tired of risking his life on a motorcycle. He has created Tower Trikes, he makes 5 ton tricycles and now the cars run away

The company Tower Trikes is dedicated, as could not be otherwise from Indiana, USA, to manufacturing and selling tricycles made from trucks. Yes, you read that right once again. Let’s repeat, tricycles from trucks. Already? Now you understand everything, don’t you? Sorry, neither are we.

After the truck handmade by a retiree, the spawn of the devil with a motor KTM and tractor wheels, or the Harley-Davidson Equipped with a pair of V-twins, we present to you a new impossible story in Spain, which involves a tricycle. This is to call it something, because it is equipped with an impressive 355 HP engine and a weight close to 5 tons. Be careful, it really is almost a 3-wheeled truck.

As we all imagine, the creation and staging of a truck with a tricycle chassis is not a simple task. In fact, it requires considerable development and adaptation time for components. But this becomes even more challenging when using the wheels, fenders and even the engine of a heavy commercial vehicle.

Even so, beyond the complexity of its manufacture, let’s focus on the motivation that led to Jim GestureCEO of Tower Trikes, to embark on this project. This American was tired of experiencing dangerous situations on the road with his motorcycle. Therefore, he decided to create the «Tower Trikes«, an innovative tricycle truck concept.

The idea was simple, but its purpose went much further: the Tower Trikes It would be the answer to the worrying statistics of motorcycle accidents versus cars on the roads. Now, the ones that shake are the cars.

Tower Trikes

Tower Trikes is proud to be the manufacturer of the largest and safest tricycle in the world. Its design is largely based on components inherited from a model completely unrelated to motorcycles.

Its tubular chassis offers incomparable safety, and the air-suspension seats, seat belts and resistant steel windshield ensure maximum protection for both the driver and passenger. In Tower Trikes They value the lives of their clients above all else. I think this aspect has been quite clear.

The company and its products, which have been fighting for the US since 2015, are real beasts on the asphalt, prevailing over most vehicles, even light trucks and cars. Its dimensions are astonishing: 2.6 m wide, 5.6 m long and approximately 2.5 m high. And, now comes the good thing, its weight reaches almost 5 tons!

Tower Trikes

This is the Tower Trikes

Furthermore, its design surprises at first glance, incorporating elements of a truck such as rear fenders, access steps integrated into the fuel tank, headlights, a chrome exhaust, air filter… But, the most impressive thing is that this tricycle It preserves components such as axles, suspension, pneumatic drum brakes, horn, seats and even the mechanics of a truck.

We are talking about a powerful engine block detroit Diesel 92 V6 of 9 liters and two strokes, with a power of up to 355 HP. A choice of engines is also offered. Cummins four-stroke and 11 liters. A four-speed automatic transmission is included in both configurations. Allison and a 208 liter fuel tank. Despite its seemingly exaggerated power for a tricycle, the maximum speed is limited to 160 km/h. Be careful, with this set, it is capable of towing loads of up to 9 tons.

Tower Trikes

As the brand clearly indicates. “Our custom-made Tower Trikes are designed so you can experience the freedom of riding a motorcycle without having to worry about the dangers of the road. The Tower Trike counteracts the dangers of riding a motorcycle, including taking up too little space, not being seen, instability, strong winds… It’s all behind you. We are a small, privately owned store. We custom build the tricycles with top craftsmen, with an average build time of approximately 6 weeks or more. Our current capacity is 8 to 9 units per year”.

And they end. “All Tower Trikes will be equipped with the Cross of our Lord and Savior and the 10 Commandments of Almighty God, along with a salute to our military, police and firefighters. His blessing travels with you, it blesses your fallen companions and, in addition, it also does so with the people you meet.yes.” In case you weren’t sure enough. And neither do the others.

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