HJC’s RPHA 12 range debuts new “Squid Game” graphics

H.J.C. has just unveiled its new graphics Squid Game, that it implemented in its range RPHA 12 starting next spring. With a completely new design, it is inspired by the iconic pink uniforms from the Netflix series, “The Squid Game.”

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The new RPHA 12 has been tested and designed in the brand’s research and development facilities, which also include a wind tunnel. The new design has more ventilation to guarantee the rider the greatest possible air flow.

Furthermore, the RPHA 12 It offers maximum lightness while maintaining its high resistance thanks to HJC’s Advanced PIM EVO construction. The shell is now wider, giving the pilot a better field of vision and also better stability at high speeds.

As with all HJC helmets, the graphic RPHA 12 Squid Game puts maximum emphasis on comfort and style. Every detail has been precisely crafted to ensure quality and performance.

HJC's RPHA 12 range debuts new graphics "Squid Game"

HJC RPHA 12 Squid Game in detail

  • Premium Integrated Matrix / PIM EVO
  • Accessories included: Dark Smoke visor and Pinlock lens
  • Sizes: 2XS-2XL
  • 5 years warranty
  • ECE 22.06 approval
  • Available from spring
  • Manufacturer RRP: 649.90 euros

For more information and details about the new RPHA 12 Squid Game, or any other model that makes up the brand’s current range, you can go to your nearest official distributor or access the HJC website in our country.

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