Honda has seen the success of the Royal Enfield Himalayan and that is why they are preparing a new low-displacement trail model

Is Honda developing a new trail model medium-low displacement? This is the question that comes to mind after seeing some images published by Cycle World colleagues in relation to this topic. In them we can clearly see what looks like a new trail model from the Japanese firm.

And we say new because theoretically it would be developed on the same platform used by the current Honda GB350. In this way, following the development policy of the Japanese brand in other segments and displacements, we could think about the idea of ​​a frame of this type in the short or medium term.

What can we expect from a new trail model of this type?

The goal of developing a new trail model of this type would be quite clear. At least in markets like India, where the Royal Enfield Himalayan is at ease within the medium-displacement adventure category.

A mount that shines for its exceptional versatility and that has also been reinforced this season with a much more reliable engine than its predecessor. That is why Honda and especially its Indian subsidiary, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI)could be in full development of a specific model with which to compete with the Indo-British one.

Furthermore, recently, HMSI (Honda India) has just announced the inauguration of a third assembly line at its factory facilities in Gujarat, in which some 650,000 units annually.

Sticking to the images that Honda has presented in the patent registry, we can clearly see how both models represented would share the same platform. Although these patents would be related to other technical aspects of the current GB350 (redesign of the fuel tank and anchors for possible side cases), it is clear that Sling A new trail model could be in full development.

Honda is working on a new trail model to compete with the current Himalayan 2024

As we can see in the image that would refer to this, the brand would integrate, among others, radial type tires, a new exhaust system, front fairing or rear shock absorbers with more travel. However, both the chassis and the engine would be shared with the current GB350.

At this point one might wonder if Honda would end up opting for the mechanics of the GB350 or would I look for something more performant for a new trail model of this type. It must be remembered that the strong point of the Himalayan 2024 is precisely its renewed engine, now with liquid cooling and 451.65cc.

The GB350 is powered by a 348.36cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine, with a maximum power of 21 HP at 5,500 rpm and 29.4 Nm of torque at 3,000 rpmfigures that are very far from what the Royal adventure mount offers us.

Honda is working on a new trail model to compete with the current Himalayan 2024

That is why Honda could end up implementing another of its mechanics with a higher degree of efficiency, for example the one it equips on the CB300R, although it is something that remains to be confirmed. In any case, a decision of this type might not fit with the philosophy of the model; to be able to offer the most reasonable price possible.

Let us remember that a new trail model of this type would initially be destined for the Asian market, as is already the case with the CB350 and GB350although the latter has ended up being marketed in other world markets such as Australia or Japan, even in the form of scrambler version with the GB350 S.

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