Honda is also working on a CB350 scrambler version, and these patents are the proof

Honda seems to be preparing a range of new models developed on the current GB350/CB350, including a scrambler version. This is the conclusion we reached after seeing the new images from the patent registry where the brand shows us this new variant.

If just a few days ago we noticed how the company with the golden wing is preparing a new low-displacement trail model, now we are fully convinced that it is doing the same with this scrambler version. In addition, it has many similarities with the future ADV model, so versatility and comfort are guaranteed.

The reason for being scrambler version, based on its current CB350 range, is none other than to expand the offer of medium-low displacement models in key markets such as India. There mounts like the CB350 are among the 10 best-selling models in the country taking last December 2023 as a reference.

Honda CB350 in scrambler version. What to expect from it?

As we already told you in the article referring to an Adventure variant of the model, a scrambler version would initially share with it most of the elements that make up the well-known platform of the model. That is, both chassis, engine, seat and fuel tank, a priori, appear to be the same.

This guarantees us both the high level of versatility expected from a scrambler version of this type as an improvement in terms of comfort in relation to the standard variant of the model, all without losing a bit of the philosophy that the current CB350 offers us.

The Honda GB350 will also have a scrambler version

However, for the sake of a majority use in road driving, the scrambler will have alloy wheels of the same size on both axles, shorter suspensions or a naked aesthetic that dispenses with the front windshield seen on the adventure model.

We also noticed a variation in the positioning of the handlebars and it is more than likely that it has smaller dimensions than in the trail model. Finally, we highlight the new exhaust system with typical shapes in this type of versions, different from that seen on the CB350 H’ness and CB350RS 2023 and the future ADV.

Beyond the logical differences between each of the variants, the scrambler version will have a braking system composed of two 310 mm and 240 mm discsfront and rear, respectively, as well as a dual channel ABS system already seen in his sisters. LED lighting or a digital instrument panel will also be part of standard equipment.

The Honda GB350 will also have a scrambler version

In the mechanical section we will continue to find the well-known propeller 348 cc air-cooled single-cylinder, with a maximum power of 21 HP at 5,500 rpm and 29.4 Nm of torque at 3,000 rpm, associated with a change of 5 ratios. This is far from the current performance of some competing models, it fulfills its initial purpose perfectly.

Speaking of rivals, among them will be the well-known Royal Enfield Scram 411 and the newly arrived Triumph Scrambler 400X, two tough nuts to crack with which it is scrambler version of the Honda CB350 You must see each other’s faces.

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