How and with what to remove ice and snow from your car

Although it is not common for the heavy snowfalls of yesteryear to fall and the winters have been softening in recent times, everyone encounters the situation from time to time. First thing in the morning it is unpleasant to have to remove ice and snow from car, but it is also very necessary. It is better to take your time and carry out this task philosophically for two reasons, so as not to end up damaging the vehicle and so as not to compromise our safety or that of other drivers.

We will start by saying that prevention is better than cure and that it is convenient to avoid snow or ice taking over the vehicle. For those who do not have the possibility of having their car sleep indoors, there are some very effective covers. Normally the area most sensitive to freezing is the Front windshieldso you can use an old blanket or cardboard to cover this area and avoid having to remove snow and/or ice the next day.

If precautions have not been taken, the weather will have taken its toll on the car. In this case we are going to point out several allies who will help us with the cleaning tasks.

Rubber brush

When there are a few centimeters of snow covering the vehicle, it is best to use a rubber brush. And we emphasize the material because it is what will prevent damage to the car. If someone had thought about using a household broom, it is not recommended either because of the dirt that will accumulate. There are usually some car specific that fulfill this function and some others at good prices.

With this rubber brush you have to remove the snow little by little so as not to scratch the bodywork of the car. You have to pay special attention to the windows and not apply too much intensity so that they do not break (at low temperatures there is more sensitivity). Snow removal is better direct it to a specific point from the ground, so when the work is finished the car will not be completely surrounded nor will it have to go over it.

plastic scraper

On other occasions the snow will not be the enemy. Ice also usually affects vehicles and is very annoying. Against this element the best ally will be a spatula or plastic scraper. The ice on the bodywork will not bother the user, but the ice accumulates on the moons prevents vision and makes driving impossible. Therefore, it is best to scrape with this tool to remove ice effectively.

The correct technique is to do from the outside to the center of the windshield. Although it is normal to focus on the areas necessary to see only, it is also advisable to remove the rest. If the ice is persistent, you can always count on the help of a little antifreeze liquid, which will eliminate it faster. If there is no hurry You can also start the car and let it defrost little by little (it will take a while to warm up).

Specific products

In recent years, a good number of specific products that have demonstrated great effectiveness. Commonly called “windshield defrosters” are liquids with properties to melt ice quickly. In addition, their formulas are usually respectful of the environment and also of the rest of the vehicle. They are not only used for the windows, but also for the rest of the bodywork. All for one price around 10 euroswhich is quite justified to avoid time scratching outdoors.

What not to use to remove snow and ice

There are a few things to avoid when you want to remove ice and snow from the car. As we have said, the material of the tool is key. The plastic will get along well with the body and the windows, but in no case should you use metal utensils which could scratch the car and even break the glass. And speaking of plastics, even if there is a temptation to use a credit card or any other card, it is better to think twice, as they can deteriorate and the result will not be satisfactory.

There are people who also use hot water and it is not at all the ideal option. Firstly, it will not be able to remove the ice, because if it is very cold it will freeze faster. Secondly and more importantly, the moon is at a very low temperature and with such thermal contrast The only thing we can achieve is that it cracks and we have a broken moon. Salt does not work on the glass either, it will only scratch its surface.

The importance of removing them

The ice part remains clear, if it is not removed it compromises driving a lot and it can end in an accident. But the case of snow is not so obvious and there are still people who only remove the snow from the windshield and start driving without removing the rest. Then it may even seem funny to see how it falls off little by little and falls by the wayside. But Nothing is further from reality.

This behavior can affect security of the same user and the rest. For example, the hood blocks when we reach a certain speed can detach and move towards the windshield, making vision difficult. Not to mention that they can hit other cars, like this very graphic example that we saw a long time ago. In fact, you can receive a fine for not removing snow before leaving.

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