How to correctly choose your used 125 motorcycle or scooter?

The best way to enter the world of two wheels and one of the most common right now, is through the 125 models. Thanks to current legislation, with a car license and three years old you can do it (in addition to , obviously, with A1). That is why many decide to take the leap, do it with a used vehicle and the first problem is choosing correctly the model and type of used 125 motorcycle or scooter that is needed.

In order to get the answer right, the first thing we have to do is be honest with ourselves. What are we going to use the used 125 motorcycle or scooter for? That is the first question and choosing correctly will depend on what we are going to do with it.

Because? Simple, depending on the use that we are going to give it, we will mostly have to look for some characteristics or others.

Are you going to use your 125 in the city, on ring roads, on the highway, on the highway?

It is very important to know this main use because if, for example, you are never going to leave the city, what you are interested in is looking for a model that is light and manageable. Power will not be so important.

And within that, a used 125 scooter with carrying capacity would be a good idea. After all, as Cüimo’s friends say, not having to pay attention to the gear change makes it much more comfortable and easier to drive, especially in traffic.

2015 SH Mode 125

If, on the other hand, we are going to do mixed routes such as going down from a town close to the city and we have to do a stretch of highway, we already have to pay more attention to the power. That it comes as close as possible to the legal limit, which is 11 kW, 14.75 HP to be exact, although 15 is always colloquially spoken of. In that sense, it will be easier to find these features on motorcycles with gears, but there are also some scooters used 125 GT type that can give us service.

Now, if what we are looking for is a recreational use, going out on the road for a ride, then the best feeling will be offered by a geared motorcycle. Precisely having to “play” with the gearbox gives it more excitement and with a 125, although it may seem like a lie, you can really enjoy secondary roads.

Correctly choose a used 125 motorcycle or scooter beyond the use you are going to give it

But we don’t just have to focus on the use we are going to give it. There are more details that we must take into account when buying a second-hand motorcycle or scooter. Even if we do not know mechanics, we have to check that, in general, the condition of the vehicle is correct. For this we can ask a mechanic for a review. If the seller does not want to do it even though we bear the costs, it will be a bad sign.

It is important to check all aspects of the motorcycle

And if we do not want to go through a mechanic, we must check that there are no leaks of any kind, that the condition of the tires is correct, also the wear of the brakes, the operation of the lighting and the starter, in addition to the general external condition. of the motorcycle or scooter.

Not always when a motorcycle is perfect on the outside, it is always good on the inside. But if the exterior part is not well cared for, it is usually a sign that the rest is not well cared for either.

The administrative part of the motorcycle is also important and checking if it has charges, pending fines or any other type of problems is something that is worth checking and that is as simple as requesting a vehicle report from the DGT.

There are companies that do it online and even if it costs you a few euros, they will allow you to know in a moment what you are going to buy and what administrative conditions it is under.

Apart from these basic tips, there is one that should never be overlooked: do not get carried away by emotion. Although buying a motorcycle or scooter is something that makes us all happy to rush into the decision, not looking for alternatives or not checking everything carefully can lead to disappointment later. So take a breath and make the decision in the most rational way possible.

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