If you are looking for a top sports helmet, the Nolan X-804 RS Ultra Carbon is a good choice, and it also offers legendary designs

Nolan starts the 2024 season by welcoming the full-face helmet X-804 RS Ultra Carbon (UN/ECE R 22-06 approved), made of carbon fiber and dedicated to professional pilots and motorcyclists willing to face important challenges, in a search for safety, maximum comfort, lightness and aerodynamic finesse.

With this model, Nolan Group presents an elegant and bold design, capable of attracting attention both on the track and on the road. To do this, the transalpine brand has been inspired by the great sporting feats in MotoGP/Superbikewhere he X-804 RS Ultra Carbon represents the cutting edge of Nolan’s carbon fiber line, which now carries the Xseries signature.

The excellence of its design has allowed it to create intelligent and extremely innovative solutions that have conquered “at first sight” names such as Casey Stoner, ambassador of the Nolan brand and historical pilot, or Andrea Iannonenew signing for the 2024 season.

Also to some of the official Moto2, Moto3 and MotoE riders who wanted to make some useful statements to help understand the value of a helmet that surprises with its high performance at all levels.

X-804 RS Ultra Carbon: Nolan's latest novelty within its range of sports helmets

Casey Stoner commented on the new Nolan X-804 RS Ultra Carbon: “So many problems that other helmet manufacturers had, we solved them and finally came up with a better helmet. Today we have a new model that is at an even different level for me.”

For its part, Andrea Iannone argues: “This new helmet guarantees me high safety features, and I am sure that thanks to it I will be able to concentrate solely and better on my performance on the track.”

X-804 RS Ultra Carbon: Nolan's latest novelty within its range of sports helmets

Also Manuel González SimonMoto2 rider, said: “Beautiful this new X-804. Nolan really did a great job designing it. Visibility and ventilation are very good. In a straight line at maximum speed, the hull does not move even a millimeter. The work done by Nolan for this helmet has been perfect. So many improvements compared to the previous one: less weight and even more safety.”

Others like Matteo Bertelle or David García Almansaboth Moto3 riders, have also had a few words for the new X-804 RS Ultra Carbon, respectively reviewing that it is “Pretty pretty. “I really like this helmet” and? “It’s amazing how comfortable this new X-804 is. The fit is perfect, the visibility is great in any driving position, whether straight or cornering.”

X-804 RS Ultra Carbon: Nolan's latest novelty within its range of sports helmets

Nolan X-804 RS Ultra Carbon: Specially developed for competition

In the new X-804 RS Ultra Carbon, it is essential to guarantee a perfect combination of technological solutions that allow the pilot (professional or amateur) to achieve higher levels of performance. For this reason, Nolan has applied important features to the new model that go beyond “simple” safety: maximum visibility, effective ventilation, total comfort and extreme aerodynamics.

He Nolan X-804 RS Ultra Carbon is equipped with the advanced version of the system NERS (Nolan Emergency Release System): this system allows, in the event of emergency intervention, to remove the helmet pads while the pilot is still wearing it, simply by pulling the red straps located in the front area of ​​the pads themselves.

X-804 RS Ultra Carbon: Nolan's latest novelty within its range of sports helmets

At the same time, the traditional mounting system simplifies the assembly and disassembly processes, which do not require the use of hooks. It also has the Safety Visor Lock systemwhich allows the visor to remain well positioned and closed even during competitions or extreme use, avoiding the risk of accidental opening at high speeds.

The visor is ultra wide and flat to offer optimal top and side visibility, is scratch resistant and is equipped with Pinlock which prevents it from fogging up. The mechanism has a screwed security system and the visor has an adjustable fit. The visor is available in clear, dark green, dark smoke, iridium orange, cosmic iridium blue, iridium red, metallic gold, and metallic silver.

X-804 RS Ultra Carbon: Nolan's latest novelty within its range of sports helmets

The interior of the new X-804 RS Ultra Carbon incorporates padding Carbon Fitting Racing Experiencemade with active carbon filaments, a thermo-adjustable, antistatic and dissipative element that guarantees maximum comfort during the competition.

The lining facilitates air diffusion to the top of the head, keeping it cool and dry. The cheek pads are 3D molded for a better fit, while the cheek pads and chin bar lining are removable and washable, making the helmet particularly practical and also simplifying cleaning.

X-804 RS Ultra Carbon: Nolan's latest novelty within its range of sports helmets

He X-804 RS Ultra Carbon It is also equipped with the LAF system – Liner Adjustable Fitting, which allows you to adjust the liner to adapt it to different head shapes and sizes. The ventilation (front, top, side) of the X-804 RS Ultra Carbon is optimized thanks to RAF system – Racing Air Flow, especially useful on the track.

The aerodynamics are supported by the RAS system – Racetrack Aerodynamic Spoiler, developed in collaboration with official Nolan drivers. This is a spoiler designed using computer fluid dynamics (CFD) studies and wind tunnel tests.

X-804 RS Ultra Carbon: Nolan's latest novelty within its range of sports helmets

The shape of its upper part reduces the aerodynamic resistance of the helmet and improves its stability at high speeds, especially in continuity with the rear appendage present on the pilot’s suit.

In addition, the side parts improve the stability of the helmet in the front airflow. The RAS can be disassembled to adapt to different driving conditions and situations, even those less extreme than the track. He X-804 RS Ultra Carbon It is also prepared for the hydration system.

X-804 RS Ultra Carbon: Nolan's latest novelty within its range of sports helmets

Special features of the Nolan X-804 RS Ultra Carbon

  • 4 measurements in sizes 2XS to 3XL for an unmatched fit
  • Strap closure with D-rings (double ring)
  • Approved UN/ECE R 22-06
  • Nose deflector
  • Optimized rear edge profile to improve neck mobility (racing position)
  • Additional visor prepared for Tear-Off protective films (in the box)
  • Tear Off protective film kit for the ‘track only’ visor (available as an accessory)
  • Additional padding kit to adjust the fit of the headphones (available as an accessory)
  • Thicker and thinner Steadyfit pillows (available as accessories)
  • Racing helmet bag

X-804 RS Ultra Carbon: Nolan's latest novelty within its range of sports helmets

Versions of the new Nolan X-804 RS Ultra Carbon

  • C. Stoner 10th Anniversary Replica– This version celebrates the 10th anniversary of the rider’s (now brand ambassador) 2012 MotoGP title and features the iconic Australian flag with continuous elements that distinguish the legendary Casey Stoner replicas.
  • Czech C. Replica: evolution of the 2010 edition, created in collaboration with Carlos Checa. The graphics recount episodes from his life related to sport and world motorcycling. Each new replica features a new element of his career – available in 2 color versions.
  • Reply C. Davies: an evolution of the 2015 Sepang Special Edition where Chaz Davies debuted his first full color graphics. This winning style differentiated him from the liveries of other drivers.
  • Reply I. Lecuona: the star of this version is a stylized shark, which makes the graphics dedicated to SBK rider Iker Lecuona unique and decidedly aggressive.
  • MotoGP and SBK: official version with MotoGP and SBK brands. The two liveries are inspired by the world of racing and circuits. The taut lines with inserted chrome decals create a 3D effect. This type of decal is only printed in Italy and Nolan is one of the few companies that uses it.
  • Spectre: graphics inspired by the current trend with tense and fast lines. The chrome inserts on the decals are inspired by the aluminum Ergal components of the motorcycles, creating a 3D effect both in terms of brightness and chromatic depth.
  • Maven: passe-partout style that matches all motorcycle brands and is inspired by super-fast livery trends – available in 3 color versions.
  • Golden/Silver/Iridium Edition: Minimal graphics with decal color matching the metal visors. A livery for those who choose the elegance of carbon and the disgustingness of colored metal visors – available in 3 color versions.
  • Hot Lap: Sophisticated and stylish graphics with decals to match the painted components. For those who appreciate the elegance of carbon – available in 4 color versions.
  • Mashed potatoes: X-804 is also available in two monochrome carbon versions with a glossy and matte finish.

X-804 RS Ultra Carbon: Nolan's latest novelty within its range of sports helmets

The Nolan X-804 RS Ultra Carbon is available on the market with recommended retail prices ranging from 649.99 and 899.99 euros. For more information you can consult directly on Nolan’s official website.

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