If you want to break records, this missile that reaches more than 600 km/h is for sale

Missile, rocket, bullet, cucumber… there are many ways that we have used to name vehicles capable of reaching high speeds and that have performance beyond all rationality. That is the case of this “streamliner” that has competed in Bonneville and that has managed to overcome the barrier of 600 kilometers per hour in 2017.

A machine that is for sale in the United States, where else? And it has been breaking records for many years, because although in 2017 it reached 400 miles per hour, the 600 km/h we talked about before, it was built in 1995 by Jack Costella.

That is to say, although it is almost 30 years old, this surface-to-surface missile is still competitive. In fact, he could have broken more records recently, but the circumstances that we all know and also those of the weather and the Bonneville salt flats have not allowed it.

The multi-purpose missile has broken many records

Although this missile managed to break the 400 mile per hour barrier, with other engines it has broken several more records and one of the characteristics that makes it attractive and competitive is that different engines can be fitted to it.

It once had a turbo engine with which it managed to clock 284,732 miles per hour in the E/BGS class of the competition that takes place on the dry lake El Mirage on a route that is 1.3 miles long! Imagining the sensation already encourages you to buy it.

Of course, it won’t be cheap and it was on sale this past summer on Bring a Trailer and although the maximum offer was $85,500 (about 77,700 euros) it did not reach the reserve price. In fact, on Facebook Market Place is marked with 150,000 euros, although the ad is not accessible from all locations.

In any case, if speed is your thing and your dream has been to break records, you don’t have claustrophobia and you have a good handful of dollars to burn, you may be looking at the vehicle of your dreams.

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