If you want to travel with maximum luxury and comfort, the new Indian Roadmaster Elite 2024 is the queen on its own merits

Indian Motorcycle returns to the focus of the news with the official presentation of its new Roadmaster Elite, the last of its mounts to join this select club of the American firm. A combination that combines high sophistication with a threatening style blacked out.

Furthermore, this Roadmaster Elite 2024 is offered under the Red Indian Motorcycle color scheme custom-inspired in three tones, used for the first time by Indian on one of its motorcycles in 1904 and equipped with a premium candy finishoffering a vibrant and eye-catching look.

To achieve this, Indian Motorcycle partnered with two of the most renowned custom paint shops in the industry, Gunslinger Custom Paint (GCP) in Colorado and Custom Painted Vehicles (CPV) of Wisconsin, highly requested by motorists from all over the country to make unique and personalized designs.

Aaron JaxVice President of Indian Motorcycle said: “Our Elite models meet the incredibly high bar we set for all of our products, and raise it even higher, offering something more unique for the rider who wants to ensure their bike is a cut above any other on the road.”

And continues: “What I love about the new Roadmaster Elite “It’s the way we’ve taken the historic Red Indian Motorcycle and given it a tougher, meaner character with a dark blacked-out look.”

For its part, Ola Stenegarddirector of product design at Indian Motorcycle, commented: “Our design team is always happy to work on the Elite models, because we are basically given carte blanche to design our own custom bike, but instead of just one, there will be hundreds available around the world.”

Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster Elite 2024: Sophistication taken to the highest level

And concludes: “With each new Elite model, we build on custom motorcycle trends to create something that is not only current and relevant, but is authentically aligned with the Indian Motorcycle brand and complements the inherent DNA of each model.”

The new Roadmaster Elite 2024 will only have a run of 350 units available worldwide. Each Roadmaster Elite features exclusive Elite badging, including an individually numbered center console with the silhouette of a 1904 Indian Camelback (the first Indian Motorcycle model to debut the iconic Indian Motorcycle Red paint).

Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster Elite 2024: Sophistication taken to the highest level

Main features of the Indian Roadmaster Elite 2024

  • Tritone candy paint: Indian Motorcycle Candy Red, Indian Motorcycle Candy Dark Red and Candy Black make up a premium paint scheme that takes inspiration from custom bikes of the past and present. Its finish with hand-painted Championship Gold stripes and carried out by two of the best paint shops in the sector, GCP and CPV, takes more than 24 hours of work on each bike.
  • Elite badges and graphics: With exclusive badges worthy of an Elite model and with top quality fits and finishes.
  • PowerBand Audio with Bass Boost: Introducing in Fall 2023, Indian Motorcycle’s PowerBand Audio with Bass Boost Delivers 50% more powerful sound through 12 speakers located in the front fairing, panniers and travel trunk with even more bass compared to standard sound systems.
  • Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight: Provides even greater illumination compared to standard headlights. Patented cutting-edge technology that improves the driver’s visibility by controlling the tilt angle of the motorcycle to optimize road lighting.
  • Glossy black dashboard: It’s all in the details and Roadmaster Elite It features a gloss black painted dashboard that offers the perfect fit and finish that motorists expect.
  • Polished headdress platforms for driver and passenger: These spacious footboards not only provide comfort for long-distance touring, but also offer an extra level of detail and style.
  • Heated and cooled seat with color-matched stitching: Color-matched stitching on the Roadmaster Elite’s comfortable long-distance touring seat adds exclusive style. Meanwhile, the Roadmaster Elite’s seat cooling and heating greatly improve driver and passenger comfort.
  • Wide Tinted Windshield: Tinted to match the menacing blacked-out style, the windshield provides extra wind protection compared to standard windshields. Low profile, it electronically adjusts to offer the best wind protection for riders of all sizes.
  • Black Passenger Armrest: The passenger armrest provides premium comfort to companions. Ideal for long distance tourism.
  • Backlit Switch Pins: The Roadmaster Elite’s backlit switchgear makes it easy to see and operate the bike’s controls at night (a premium feature for a premium touring machine, the Elite).
  • 10-spoke wheels and precision machining: Precision-machined, 10-spoke wheels introduce a new machining pattern to the Roadmaster Elite. Sophisticated, but with a lot of character.

Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster Elite 2024: Sophistication taken to the highest level

The Roadmaster Elite 2024 It will begin shipping to brand dealers this spring. For more information you can consult the official Indian website or go to your nearest authorized distributor.

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