In the UK they have come up with this Suzuki GSX-8S Kevin Schwantz that you cannot miss

From Crescent Motorcycles, one of the official dealers of the most important house in Bournemouth, UK, brings us this impressive Suzuki GSX-8S Kevin Schwantz edition. These passionate English people have not thought of anything better to add emotions than to give birth to this amazing example of the naked suzuki. And so the GSX-8S Kevin Schwantz limited series. Machine that pays tribute to the iconic colors that forged the mythical alliance between the legendary American driver and the renowned Japanese brand.

The relationship between Kevin Schwantz and suzuki It is especially known in the world of motorcycling, since the American rider had an outstanding career competing in the World Motorcycle Championship, specifically in the 500 cc category (the precursor of the current MotoGP category).

Kevin Schwantz He won the 500 cc world championship in 1993, becoming a very loved and respected driver in the world. For much of his career in the 500cc class, Schwantz competed with racing machines suzuki. What’s more, it is famous for its close association with the Japanese brand.

The most iconic model related to Kevin Schwantz and suzuki is the RGV500. Beautiful circuit that Schwantz he rode in several seasons of his career, including the successful season in which he won the world championship in 1993. This motorcycle sported the characteristic colors of Schwantzwith the number 34 and a distinctive design that combined blue, white and yellow, which has become an iconic image in the history of the world of two wheels.

Suzuki GSX-8S Kevin Schwantz

This is the Suzuki GSX-8S that pays tribute to Kevin Schwantz

The relationship between Kevin Schwantz and suzuki Not only is it limited to its success in the world championship, but it has also endured in the culture over the years due to its legacy, and the popularity of the machines. suzuki associated with his name. This has led to special editions and commemorative models, such as the aforementioned Suzuki GSX-8S Kevin Schwantz that we teach you on this occasion. If you remember, not long ago we received a similar tribute from Italy limited to 5 copies.

Based on the Suzuki GSX-8Sthis motorcycle takes up the historical sponsors of the time, specifically from the two seasons, 1988 and 1989, in which Kevin Schwantz He captivated the public with his driving style and charisma. This is not simply a nostalgia operation, but a meticulous preparation carried out by the main dealer of suzuki in England, which has been completed with a strict and exclusive limited series.

Suzuki GSX-8S Kevin Schwantz

To achieve this effect, the entire exterior has been painted white, including the wheels, and exclusive graphics have been designed with the logos and sponsors of the time. The rest remains faithful to the base of the GSX-8Swith its twin-cylinder engine 83 hpits complete electronic system and suspensions Kayaba high quality.

The price has not yet been revealed by the English dealer Crescent Motorcycles to acquire a GSX-8S with the configuration Kevin Schwantz. However, we are sure that many local enthusiasts could consider it a worthwhile investment. Of course, if you want to get one of them and you are in Spain, run.

Suzuki GSX-8S

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