Indian Motorcycle's “Forged” series returns with the new 2025 Indian Scout as the protagonist

Indian Motorcycle announces the new series Forged: Season Two, of which the first episode has already been released. A serial with three unique and personalized Indian Scout projects. It is made up of six parts and three unique interpretations of the new 2025 Indian Scout inspired by the stories and personalities that have made this model an icon for more than a century.

After the 1st Season of Forged, which showed the constructions of the Indian Sport Chief of Carey Hart, Powerplant Motorcycles and Barnstorm Cyclesthe new season begins with series host Roland Sands and his team discussing the inspiration for their project, and what makes the new Indian Scout a great foundation for self-expression.

New serial Forged: Season Two in detail

Originally from Long Beach, California, Sands retired from racing to found Roland Sands Design (RSD) in 2005, becoming a hugely influential figure in the industry, whose innovative approach to custom motorcycles, performance parts, accessories and apparel led him to the Hall of Fame from the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum in 2023.

RSD looked to the racing history of Indian Motorcycle and Ed Kretz to inspire their Forged build. Kretz, most famous for his victory in the inaugural Daytona 200 aboard his Indian Scout, is admired by Sands not only as a race driver and builder of many high-performance Indian Motorcycle racing bikes, but also for his never-give-up spirit, an attitude that earned him the nickname “Iron Man.”

Choosing the new Indian Sport Scout as the basis for its build, the team is looking at bringing its racing experience with the Indian FTR to the project, to create a street version of the model while keeping it very drivable for everyday use. This led Roland Sands to comment that this is the type of project Ed Kretz would be working on today, as he was known for riding a racing motorcycle to and from races.

Forged Season 2 highlights how tuners were always on the minds of Indian Motorcycle's design and engineering teams when developing the new Scout. Making it a perfect canvas for self-expression starts with making it easier to work with.

The series returns "Forged" from Indian Motorcycle with the new Indian Scout 2025 as the protagonist

The new tubular steel frame makes customization a much more accessible prospect, as cast or alloy frames and components, such as the tank, fenders and subframe, can easily be removed and replaced.

“Throughout the development of the Scout, keeping it clean and creating a package that offers seamless customization was as important to us as the iconic lines of the Scout.”said Ola StenegardDirector of Industrial Design at Indian Motorcycle.

Concludes: “It all starts with the tubular steel chassis that was designed specifically for owners to cut, modify and create a truly unique machine. “The Forged series really excites me because we get to see what famous builders can do with the canvas we’ve given them.”

The series returns "Forged" from Indian Motorcycle with the new Indian Scout 2025 as the protagonist

Since all three versions will be fully revealed in the second half of the Forged video series, episodes in the coming weeks will feature projects from Brittney Olsenan American vintage motorcycle racing champion and founder of 20th Century Racing, and a first for Forged.

A project outside of North America that is being carried out by renowned Swedish builders, Unique Custom Cyclesand which we will soon give you an account of.

For more details you can visit the Indian Motorcycles YouTube channel or its official website.

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