Is there anything better than a Suzuki Hayabusa engine? Join two and have 350 HP!

For many years, motorcycle engines have given life to different cars of all types, including competition. From small single-seaters to kartcross or rally cars and hill races. But this time we are going one step further with this preparation, in which they have not been satisfied with using a Suzuki Hayabusa engine, but have used two.

The human protagonist of this madness, because the mechanic is this V8 megaengine, is the rally driver Mikko Kataja. He is the one behind the conversion of a modest Toyota Scarlet into one of those cars that are capable of taking anyone to the limit. It originally had an engine that offered the not inconsiderable figure of 260 HP. But it was not enough and since a Suzuki Hayabusa engine was not enough, he decided to join two to build a V8 engine capable of offering 345 HP.

Yes, as you read, he took both engines to create one. No parallel operation but a great mechanical work to create a beast that is capable of making a car that only weighs 740 kg fly at ground level.

The Suzuki Hayabusa twin engine gives 345 HP without turbo

With this spectacular power to weight ratio, the result is what we can see in the video, and it is none other than Kataja himself and his Toyota doing top speeds of more than 160 kilometers per hour in small spaces, when the Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle doubles He begins to deliver all his catapulting fury to the small Japanese car.

Furthermore, all these features are without turbo and it has not been included in the preparation as we are used to seeing. The result is a 2.6 liter with outstanding performance, but which could become stratospheric if in a “second stage” of preparation the decision was made to install the turbo.

If this Toyota with a Suzuki Hayabusa engine is already scary, thinking what would happen with an increase in power by installing a turbo is overwhelming.

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