It arrives to leave the competition light years ahead in technology and features. The Gogoro Pulse is the world’s first hyperelectric scooter

The Taiwanese firm Gogoro lands in 2024 with one of its latest developments, the Press. A electric scooter intended for a demanding public that longs to have the latest in technology and innovation. Perhaps that is why the brand itself calls it “The world’s first hyperelectric scooter”…Marketing stuff.

Beyond advertising slogans, it is clear that Gogoro’s intention with this new Press It is to show the world what the brand is capable of and what is the current level at which it operates. Previously, we have seen it with the CrossOver: an all-terrain electric scooter or its new EV-C1, a GT-style electric maxi scooter.

However, with this Press The Asian brand intends to go one step further thanks to cutting-edge elements such as its H1 electric motor capable of turning 11,000 rpm, offering us a final power of 9 kW And till 378 Nm of maximum torque to the rear wheel. With all this it manages to accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h in 3.05 seconds.

Gogoro Pulse: Technology at the service of the user

Beyond the performance aspects, Gogoro It places special emphasis on details such as aerodynamics, thanks to a design called «Aeroforce» where the main aim is to optimize energy, as well as reduce its consumption and generate better cooling of the electrical parts.

Gogoro Pulse, the most technological and innovative e-scooter of the Taiwanese brand

On the other hand, we also have a “active matrix lighting system” with until with 13 independent LED unitswhich also change intensity on the fly, adapting to the speed and turns we make, in turn helping to improve safety levels.

Perhaps its enormous instrument panel, made up of a 10.25” HD touch screen be one of the most striking elements of the Press. This, in addition to offering us an infinite number of informative parameters, has the possibility of integrating Apple Wallet and Apple Find My integrating iQ Touch HD interface of the brand itself.

Gogoro Pulse, the most technological and innovative e-scooter of the Taiwanese brand

With up to six driving modes available, Range, Dirt, City, Touring, Track or Custom We will be able to enjoy the experience in the way that best suits our style of piloting or needs at all times. One more argument that defines the predisposition of this electric scooter to become a perfect ally on every trip.

For now, the brand has not given marketing dates beyond Taiwanese borders. In that country, the first units will begin to be delivered from second quarter of 2024, as Ride Apart points out. Another very different thing is if Gogoro will finally release the Press at a global level.

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