It doesn’t matter if there is no snow, with the Skwheel One you can ski all year round and have fun around the city

Ski enthusiasts and those who dream of skiing will be able to enjoy this activity with or without snow. It will no longer be necessary to wait for snowfall or visit mountains. The Skwheel One system allows them to ski for daily transportation around the city.

This innovative personal mobility vehicle It awakens the curiosity of those looking for new challenges and fun. A means of transportation and entertainment, all in one in this system that seems to come from the future.

What type of terrain can the Skwheel One ski on?

The Skwheel One is not a snow ski. As its name suggests, it has wheels. It is an electric all-terrain vehicle that slides like a ski while traveling on any type of terrain.

It works well on paved streets, on beaches, on gravel or dirt roads, on cobblestones, on corrugated or flat surfaces. The user experiences the same sensation of weightlessness as sliding on a ski.

In its review of the electric Skwheel One, The Gadget Flow highlights that whoever gets on this vehicle experiences the sensation of skiing in places where no one has done it. Definitely, It is an experience enjoyed by those who have skied and those who have never done it, which revolutionizes the universe of personal mobility.

What is the Skwheel One like?

The Skwheel One is an electric personal mobility vehicle designed in France. In it, the movements of the ski have been recreated with great precision in a format with wheels.

This peculiar design style allows you to glide over any terrain effortlessly. It is light. It weighs 12.5 kg and measures only 75 cm long by 25 cm wide.. It can be stored and transported in a suitcase. Although it has been created to achieve a speed of 80 km/h, the creators have decided to limit it to 25 km/h to comply with VMP regulations.

Skwheel One electric ski

It has a power of 2400 W, with four-wheel drive. Each one integrates a 600-watt electric motor. It works with a removable battery, weighing just 1.2 kg, which takes 2 hours to charge. A duration of 1,000 charge cycles is guaranteed. Taking into account that an estimated range of 30 km on a charge, the Battery will have life for approximately 30,000 km.

The equipment is completed with suspensions, front and rear lights, two brake modules, and a tire pivot system. The frame is carbon.

Is the Skwheel One difficult to handle?

The creators have paid attention to the maneuverability of the Skwheel One, and claim that In 20 minutes the vehicle is mastered.

Skwheel One electric ski

A notable feature that marks the ride is the multifunctional handle that connects the skis. When riding, the handle becomes telescopic, allowing you to maneuver comfortably while skiing. According to the opinions of those who have tested this electric ski, Driving it is like moving a suitcase on wheels. So practical, useful and simple, with intuitive use, no experience is necessary with this type of device.

The Skwheel One, defined by its designers as the world’s first electric ski, is still in development, in prototype format. Its creators are looking for investors with the intention of introducing it to the market during 2024.

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